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anonymouser Sun 25-Feb-18 10:45:44

Feeling homesick at the moment, and started to think about what I missed from UK. Started laughing, realizing that the stuff I missed was really odd - I really miss the shops, not exciting ones, but plain old sainsburys and tescos, people's accents, the train stations, and hot cross buns 😅

Any one else miss the silly things that don't really matter, apart from the fact that they do?

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hapagirl Sun 25-Feb-18 10:54:00

I lived in Asia for over a decade and I missed Mcvities Rich Tea biscuits. I was desperate for them when I was pregnant and had to do with Marie biscuits... Also missed Boots the Chemist.

khaleesi71 Sun 25-Feb-18 10:57:38

Petrol stations where I am are pants. Never take cards, no shop to buy chocolate a pint of milk on the way home, they're not self serve (apart from night times) and the entry/exits are completely ignored. I miss a good old BP garage!

anonymouser Sun 25-Feb-18 11:05:39

Ah, boots! I had forgotten about them! And eurgh, Marie biscuits are horrid 😂

It's funny, petrol stations are the same here - Nothing like in UK, and pretty much useless

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FiveShelties Sun 25-Feb-18 11:11:37

M & S definitely. The 10GBP meal deal is amazing value. I miss the low food prices, supermarkets do not really compete here. Super drug and Boots for the range of brands. Eating out such good value as well, but do not miss the climate☺

InvisibleUnicorn Sun 25-Feb-18 11:18:17

Poppy seed bagels and cheap alcohol were the things I missed!

It gets easier 😘

LockedOutOfMN Sun 25-Feb-18 11:19:47

I miss M and S and Boots. I miss pubs with fires and nice pub food. I miss the diversity and size and pace of London (but not the prices).


LaundryHepburn Sun 25-Feb-18 11:22:45

Tescos, Boots, park run on a Saturday morn, fish & chips, 2 quid pints, galaxy chocolate sad

anonymouser Sun 25-Feb-18 11:26:17

@InvisibleUnicorn I have been living abroad for 14 years, and I still miss home! I think perhaps the difference between cultures is so large, that I never really felt a part of it - I still feel like a brit living abroad.

Oh, and particularly today, I miss not having snow all the time! We have been snowing all through February ❄️

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Frakka Sun 25-Feb-18 11:31:09


And a sense of purpose.

NotCornflakes Sun 25-Feb-18 11:34:00

When I lived in Australia I really missed M&S. When I came back I got off the plane at Heathrow and went straight to the M&S food shop to buy all my favourite things! I also missed Jaffa Cakes.

LockedOutOfMN Sun 25-Feb-18 11:37:05

Yes to fish and chips and good curries and the British sense of humour.

kevinkeeganlovesme Sun 25-Feb-18 11:40:23

I live in New England so can get most food stuffs and the same grub (we do fish and chips way better) but I do miss Marks and Spencers and Easter eggs! They don't do Easter eggs here.

And I miss Waitrose blush.

I miss decent curry, I've learned how to make my own but it's a faff.

kevinkeeganlovesme Sun 25-Feb-18 11:41:07

The sense of humour where I am is pretty similar to Brits. Miserable sarcastic etc grin.

misssmilla1 Sun 25-Feb-18 20:43:23

Double decker buses, bell ringing at church, sheep in the fields

LolitaLempicka Sun 25-Feb-18 20:44:56

Beer gardens. Alcohol not permitted to be consumed outside where I live.

Desperatelyseekingsun Sun 25-Feb-18 21:49:26

DH went to U.K. for work and the list of stuff to bring back included Easter eggs, creme eggs, mini eggs and hot cross buns. I miss Sainsburys, target is less good and more expensive. My local supermarkets though expensive do have bars and wine holders in the trolley though so not all bad.

heron98 Mon 26-Feb-18 15:09:44

When I lived in France I really missed Shreddies. I used to get people to bring them over with them.

I also missed walking in my local woods. Which was ridiculous as I lived in Paris and walked to work through the Tuileries but familiarity breeds contempt!

QueenCity Mon 26-Feb-18 16:00:13

I miss online food shopping and weetabix.

KevinKeagan - do you have Publix in New England? I find it very similar to Waitrose.

DamnCommandments Mon 26-Feb-18 16:05:20

Frakka do you live somewhere purposeless? The place I live definitely has purpose, but I'm afraid I don't. I'm just waiting for the assignment to end, even though this is a lovely country.

I miss being able to eavesdrop!

mathanxiety Mon 26-Feb-18 16:08:54

Spring. It takes its time here. The easy accessibility of all of Dublin. Being able to hop in the car and get away to the mountains in half an hour, or the coast.

EnormousDormouse Mon 26-Feb-18 16:11:52

I miss being able to buy booze at the supermarket
And bacon.
Cheap food in general.
The huge range of sandwiches in m&s, boots, Tesco - pretty much anywhere.
Wetherspoons breakfasts
Gregg's sausage rolls.

losingmymindiam Tue 27-Feb-18 01:43:45

Bran flakes, bonfire night, good TV and radio without adverts AL THE TIME my mum and the friends that I have known for years but don't see that often but when I do it's like no time has passed. Feeling really homesick!!

YouCantGetHereFromThere Tue 27-Feb-18 03:06:29

It's been 10 years, and I still miss just switching on my TV and watching the BBC/ITV/Channel 4. I can still watch them but it's on a laptop with SmartDNS and you have to reset your IP address and decide what you're actually going to watch etc etc. I just want to stick the telly on and veg.

I also miss cheap nasty sausages and sausage rolls. My parents get all excited about the lovely sausages you can buy in Wholefoods but it's the really greasy bread-filled stuff I miss.

And I also miss spring. If just one year the snow could all melt in February and not come back, that would be just wonderful. We could grow flowers before May.

Most of the other stuff people have listed you can get round here.

allfurcoatnoknickers Tue 27-Feb-18 03:20:13

Real pubs, decent chocolate, readily available cider, Boots, M&S.

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