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Moving back to usa advise

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babynelly2010 Sat 10-Feb-18 16:14:01

Hi, we are relocating back to america.
We originally came from sfo which I love but it is expensive and we would like to look at something else.
We have 3 DCs, 7 yo in year 2, 4 year old in reception and baby under one.
We have relatives in california and florida. Our time line is any time between summer of 2018 on, we can take few months or couple of years so I would like to time things properly.
Can children start school mid year? Is it a problem? Anyone moved recently? How did you time the sale of the house, quitting jobs and so in? Did you ship things or just sell everything off? We also have cats and dogs. Any advise please, I don't know where to start :-)

Gotakeahike Wed 14-Feb-18 03:05:43

We relocated back to the US last summer with a 7 yo who had just finished Yr 2 and a baby. Originally from California (near SF) and moved down to Florida. We desperately miss the Bay Area and FL has been a huge culture shock for us. Both our families are far away though, so I'm sure you have a better idea of what you'd be getting into with FL. One thing we were a bit surprised by though is that where we are in FL is not exactly cheap.
Kids can start school mid year. Most places have school assignments based solely on your address so you'll most likely get a place at a neighborhood school. We did have an issue with grade placement for our 7 yo as he was supposed to start 2nd grade in the US based on his age, but we found that he was actually at the academic level of a 3rd grader. We had to have him switched up as they do very little differentiated teaching in the US, mostly everyone does the same thing no matter what. That has been a huge hassle and I wish we'd gotten him placed properly from the start as they were quite reluctant to move kids up, at least where we are.
We shipped a fair bit, but paid by the employer, so that helped grin We brought our cat to the U.K. and then back to the US. Going to the US was super easy. All we needed was a fit to fly letter from our vet. She was current on her vaccines and already chipped. Dogs may need additional paperwork. We found Virgin Atlantic good for pet handling. We used them both ways.
We moved on job transfers and haven't had to sell a house, so no advice on those fronts.

Exiguous Fri 16-Feb-18 16:41:22

I moved a 6yo, 4yo and 2yo. The 6yo had done two years of full time school in the UK, and was going into First Grade with kids who'd done one year of half-time school.

Our schools are excellent at differentiating learning, so she was able to stay well ahead of her peers (she's now 16).

We left the UK end of June so we went straight into US school holidays, then put them into school/pre-school in Sept at the start of the next school year. You can move them partway through the year though - lots of kids do.

In terms of quitting jobs - DH had a job to come to, so he handed in his notice in the UK, took a week off, and moved to the US ahead of us. He lived in a hotel for two months.

Meanwhile I stayed back and got the house ready to sell, got everything packed for shipping, sold or gave away everything we couldn't bring with us.

The house sale was the most stressful bit. I actually borrowed some money against the value of the house, then left it in a bank account to pay the mortgage for up to a year if it didn't sell. It actually sold in Nov so it stood empty for over 4 months. I signed all the paperwork with the solicitor and estate agent before I left.

We couldn't buy a house in the US till we'd sold our UK house, so we had to rent for a while. We actually found the house we wanted to buy, and did a rent-to-buy deal with the owner, who was desperate to move out.

No idea about cats and dogs - sorry.

Before you move - get your kids vaccinated with everything they need for school in the US. If they haven't had chickenpox, get them vaccinated against it - they can be excluded from school if chickenpox appears and they aren't immune. Get copies of your GP records.

When you choose where to move, look at the school districts. Find a good school system, then look for houses in the catchment area.

Hope that all helps - good luck!

Exiguous Fri 16-Feb-18 16:42:39

I forgot to mention - we shipped most of our belongings as the company paid. I think it was $6,000 for a 40 foot container.

Ineedachange Sat 24-Feb-18 03:24:07

Check out PetAir for your animals. We brought our two dogs over last summer. We also kenneled them with the company for a month while we were waiting for our furniture so we could move into the house.
Absolutely the best thing we did for them.

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