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BookWitch Mon 12-Feb-18 18:46:25

Waving to NatD1!
I live in KL as well, been here 14 years.

Great advice from Nat above but to add I live in Bangsar and my DD goes to Alice Smith School, which is very popular with the British Community and well established (70+ years) and the only not for profit British school in KL.

NatD1 Fri 09-Feb-18 11:54:33

No problem, glad I can help. Have more info to expat groups etc which I can give you on private message.

tomhazard Fri 09-Feb-18 06:10:34

NatD1 thanks so much! I will message you if that's okay

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NatD1 Fri 09-Feb-18 00:55:47

Hello Tomhazard

Waving from KL! I live very close to Kota Damansara. It’s on a really good side of KL for expat living.

Many options for you to live happily and comfortably with your family.

Desa Parkcity is a great location. I admit to being biased as love living here! Variety of housing and budgets. Own international school (ISP) that I cannot recommend highly enough. Kindergartens / shops / restaurants / club all on your doorstep. Safe, beautiful and friendly place to walk everywhere which is a huge advantage over other areas of KL.

Valencia / Sierramas are other compounds close to your work location. They offer a couple of international schools, golf course, club, small supermarket. I have friends who love living there.

Coming in the other direction down to Bandar Utama. You have BSKL international school. Lots of housing and apartment options. Plus easy access to large shopping malls and trains. TTDI is an interesting area for market and restaurants, more local housing.

These places are all within max 20 min drive of your work. Driving around this part of KL is easy. If you don’t want to drive you could get ubers / grab cab / school buses.

Mont Kiara is another expat enclave, commute may take a little longer. Great schools and shopping. Beautiful apartments. For me, the traffic build up at rush hour would be too frustrating so we dismissed it. However, lots of friends happily live there.

Bangsar further away still, but could be done. Older expat area. I think of it as the original. Lots going on but with a young family. Personally, I think there’s more suitable areas for you.

Please message me if you want any more info. Good luck with your move. KL is very different to Singapore. Don’t expect the same or similar and you’ll be fine.

tomhazard Thu 08-Feb-18 12:38:18

JJPP no we never went there !

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wetpebbles Thu 08-Feb-18 12:36:16

Someone is my extended family moved out for a year...4 years ago! I don't think they are planning on coming back to UK any time soon.

JJPP1234 Thu 08-Feb-18 12:35:48

Have you visited KL? We lived in Singapore for a bit and holidayed in KL to watch the F1. There was a very different feel to the place compared to singapore.


tomhazard Thu 08-Feb-18 12:33:17

Any expats here? What is it like ? I have lived in Singapore before when my DC were a bit younger- any similarities in terms of accommodation? Condos?

I have a job offer in KL, the place of work is Kota Damansara. Are there any nice places to live near here?
DC1 would be Year 1 so would go to international school - DC2 would only be 3 so would have to go to a kindergarten or similar. Are they cheap/expensive/plentiful?

Thanks so much.

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