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Kids kindle fire from abroad

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BonApp Mon 18-Dec-17 19:33:47

Thinking about this for Xmas for the kids. Currently we have an old iPad which they share but would like a kindle fire each. They mainly play word/maths games and puzzles on the iPad.

But will it work ok? I’ve seen there are some geographical restrictions so I can’t work out if it’s worth it or nor..

Could we load it up with content when back in the uk and just live with that? They are happy on the iPad when there’s no WiFi so thinking the kindle fire could be the same?

Skala123 Mon 18-Dec-17 20:41:30

We bought our kids kindle fires in the uk and now live in the us and they work fine

Effiewhaursmabaffies Mon 18-Dec-17 20:51:31

We live in Europe. We bought the kids kindles a couple of years ago . They work fine. No problems with downloading programs.

BonApp Mon 18-Dec-17 21:02:31

Thavks. Do either of you have a vpn?

I’ve seen that downloaded adding content can be problematic. But not sure if that applies to apps too? If apps aren’t impacted I think we’d be ok.

WeAllShine Tue 19-Dec-17 18:48:11

Apps are fine it’s video content that doesn’t always work. I find it pretty annoying tbh and you need an extra sd card as there’s not enough memory to download much. But as a tablet for kids in general it is very good with the separate profiles and parental controls.

BonApp Tue 19-Dec-17 21:55:35

Well I think i had apps in mind over video content so that might be ok.

I read the 1 star reviews on amazon though and it’s put me off a bit confused

scaryteacher Sat 23-Dec-17 23:30:01

I have had a Fire for 4 years now, and use mine in Belgium. I have had no problems here.

MamaDuckling Tue 26-Dec-17 17:40:12

I had issues in the Middle East.... apparently you can put a vpn on them....

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