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Possible move to Madrid ... schools, areas, help!!

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Hecho Mon 11-Dec-17 11:31:09

There's a chance we may have the opportunity to move to Madrid next year. I have no idea where to start my research! Which area to live, which school to choose .... is there anyone out there with advice, please? The kids are secondary level and Spanish speakers, although we'd prefer a bilingual school. As for where to live, somewhere with good transport and not cripplingly expensive. Thanks for any pointers, or equally for things we should avoid!

parquet Thu 14-Dec-17 00:33:06

Are you buying or renting? If renting and looking for somewhere more suburban (i.e not city centre but still closeby) you might want to look at Pozuelo, Majadahonda and Las Rozas. They're expensive areas if you buy but rents are reasonable and they are great for families, fairly green, etc. And they are well connected by Cercanias (local train) and bus.

La Moraleja too but it's at the top of a metro line which takes a long time to get into the centre so better for car drivers.

Use for flathunting. I can't help with schools, I'm afraid but feel free to come back with any other questions!

Hecho Thu 14-Dec-17 12:25:44

Thanks for the reply parquet.

We'd be renting, and would prefer something not totally central, for family life; but would also like to be able to get to the centre easily. I'd looked at the areas you mentioned, largely based on some old posts about Madrid life on Mumsnet, but in my research so far I've had difficulty understanding the rental market. So it's interesting, and encouraging, that you say that rents are reasonable.

I've had a look at idealista already, but with a more focused area (i.e. not all Madrid!) I'll find it easier to get information. Also to concentrate on schools in these areas.

I'm sure I'll have more questions, so thanks for the offer to come back with anything else smile.

danTDM Thu 14-Dec-17 12:32:08

Hi, I lived in Chamartin which is posh, fairly central, easy access to International school (the one David Beckham sent his children to, forgotten the name)

Easy access to centre and airport 1/2 hour on bus/metro for both but much more family area, while still being in Madrid. It is quite pricey though, think 1,200 euros a month (bills inc) for 3 bed flat. Compared to the rest of Spain that's huge!

Trendy, nice, families and cosmopolitan.

Have also heard good things about Las Rozas, but is not central enough for me. (Don't drive)

danTDM Thu 14-Dec-17 12:35:53

try fotocasa op

Hecho Thu 14-Dec-17 13:44:33

Thanks dan, also really useful. I'd looked at this area too, but again had little idea what it's like. Do you have any idea what state schools/concertados in the area are like?

We currently live in the south (not Costa) so the rent is significantly more than here, but actually not as bad as I'd feared.

Would have to work on my style, though grin.

danTDM Thu 14-Dec-17 14:17:56

Yes, I live in Valencia now! My DH is Madrellano and considers this the best area all told for our situations with families. The schools are excellent, the Queens SIL's children go to school here (I used to see her all the time!) Yes, it seems a lot of money, plus, the flats are a bit 'dated' it's just the way it is in centralish Madrid. I have a far more modern flat here now in Valencia, but you can't beat Madrid!

But I had come from Fulham so actually the rent wasn't that bad to me then! Now it seems SUCH a lot of money!

You'll have to reregister for your SIP card... pain!

Be careful with schools if not going private, the concertados are more or less impossible to get into. (Same here) The private schools aren't that expensive and you are guaranteed entry, at least for the first year while you sort yourself out.

Huge El Campo shopping centre in Chamartin plus parks, bars, tapas, brilliant bus routes etc. Lots of embassy's.

I lived near PIO XII tube, I would recommend it.
You'll likely get a pool too!

Hecho Thu 14-Dec-17 14:53:14

Dan I'm sold!

I'd also read that about central Madrid about higher rents and older flats. But I guess that's the pay off for living in the capital. As long as it's clean and not falling apart, I think we'd manage. A pool would help too grin.

The school information is really interesting. I've been looking at both private and concertados; where I can get information online. But hadn't realised about the pressure on places in the concertados; it's the same here so I should have thought about it really!

It's great that what I'd been able to understand from online research has been confirmed by you and parquet. I guess if we get the green light we need to decide between central-ish and a bit further out. We're campo now, so either would be a novelty.

I hope life in Valencia is good. What I've seen of it, it's a lovely city with lots to do.

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