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Relocating Dog to Melbourne, Australia

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BiscuitBeast Sun 26-Nov-17 15:16:08


Does anyone have experience or knowledge of flying their dog from the UK to Australia?

Can anyone recommend companies that handle the entire process?

I live in Essex.

Thank you

LornaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 27-Nov-17 09:38:17

We're just moving this thread over to living overseas so that the OP can get some more traffic.


RitaConnors Mon 27-Nov-17 09:50:19

My friend did this as part or her relocation package. I know it was $12000 as the dog was referred to as ‘Sandy the twelve thousand dollar dog’. That was a fair few years ago now though.

He had to go into quarantine for three months I think it was and there was no space At Melbourne so he had to do it elsewhere so they couldn’t visit him. I’m sure that’s not the norm though.

VimFuego101 Mon 27-Nov-17 09:56:27

We used PetAir UK to move our cat to the US and were very happy with them. They have some info on their site about Australian requirements - it sounds like there are more regulations for Australia. The BritishExpats forum may also have some useful advice.

TBH in hindsight I think it would have maybe been better to have re-homed the cat as he was pretty traumatized by the flight, but you know your pet best.

user1471484795 Mon 27-Nov-17 11:47:10

We used golden arrow. Quarantine in Melbourne is only 10 days nowadays. The big thing is to get the rabies injection don't and tested. Golden arrow gave a detailed overview of what needs doing and when.

BiscuitBeast Mon 27-Nov-17 14:00:19

Thank you for the replies.

It's such a huge decision as to what to do for the best. I have a 7.5 year old Boxer. She doesn't get on with other dogs so would likely live in a kennels for the duration we'll. e away. That's just not an option.

I'd rather a relatively small period of stress and anxiety if it means she can be with her family.

She's been for her rabies vaccination today.

I'll check out the companies mentioned.

Another concern is that we'll be looking for a rental property which may be tricky or extremely limited with having a dog sad

NewStartAgainReallyThisTime Tue 28-Nov-17 01:14:38

Does she have a short snout? You might need to crack that she's allowed to fly. 'Snub' nosed breeds can be banned from flying due to breathing worries - I don't know enough about boxers.

QueenCity Tue 28-Nov-17 02:43:15

We have just moved to the US and used PetAir UK to transport our two dogs. They were very good and efficient and things went completely to plan. One of our dogs seemed completely unscathed by the journey. The other was rather shell shocked but was back to her normal self within a day.

user1471484795 Tue 28-Nov-17 03:05:15

You should be fine getting a rental. You might just need to pay a bit extra deposit and sign you will deflea the property when leaving. We have two cats and a dog and moving from Melbourne to Brisbane in Jan and not expecting any problems finding a rental. Alot of properties advertise pets are allowed.

mumisnotmyname Tue 28-Nov-17 03:06:34

My dsis moved her dog to oz 18 months ago, I think from memory it was about 3k. She had to write a resume for her dog with pictures. It they did manage to rent a nice house, you will have less choice of properties, you always do. It will also help if it is a small dog.

My dog moved from Latin America to UK and then a few years later to US, as did the cat. They don't love the trip but they both recovered quickly and cat is 11 now.

blahblahblah2000 Tue 28-Nov-17 03:18:57

THey have just passed legislation that pets are allowed in all rental properties in that state so you will be fine smile

BiscuitBeast Tue 28-Nov-17 11:03:04

That's great news about the new legislation. A big relief.

I've got a quote from one company for £4K; It seems boxers are permitted to fly.

differentnameforthis Tue 28-Nov-17 11:22:23

Just be aware with rentals, all the ones we came across that allowed pets, did not allow them inside the property.

BiscuitBeast Tue 28-Nov-17 16:11:31

Hmm that's not very helpful not allowing them in the property. I might email some letting agents to gauge how easy or difficult it might be to find a property with pooch in tow.

An Australian colleague of DH has spoken bout writing a dog CV hmm

mumisnotmyname Tue 28-Nov-17 18:26:23

As I mentioned up thread my dsis had to do a cv, with pictures and references. It did work, I think it helped he was a very cute looking dog.

ksb76 Fri 01-Dec-17 03:53:58

We used world care pets to get our jack russell from Perth to London - excellent.

When we lived in Australia, we rented and had no problem. We even got him when we was a tiny puppy, and our lovely landlord agreed to that.

SuperBeagle Fri 01-Dec-17 04:04:14

Legislation was passed recently in VIC (not in any other state) that determines that pets must be allowed in rental properties. This was only passed in October, so that's why there is some conflict on this thread.

Where we last rented, there was a no pets policy, but we asked if we could have our two small dogs, and the landlord was fine with that, with the real estate (who sold our house) vouching for the dogs and the state of our previous house.

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