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British school of Paris - any current or recent parents?

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ellsybells Tue 17-Oct-17 23:41:28

Hi there, we are considering this school for our mildly dyslexic boys aged 8 and 10. We don't think they would cope with the french system and we plan to move back to UK in time for A levels. Are you pleased with the school so far? How does it compare to state or private schools you knew in the UK? What are the teachers like? And is there a good social life (for the parents!)? Many thanks in advance!

ZooeyAndFranny Wed 18-Oct-17 00:07:23

It is a school for ex-pats, not lifers, so if you are here for a fixed period and will return to the U.K., should be fine. Your boys will learn minimal French, though, so don't get any ideas about fluency. They will have English friends and very limited exposure to French.

ellsybells Wed 18-Oct-17 00:19:55

Thanks Zooey, yes I've heard these are drawbacks of BSP. I'm hoping my eldest might join the local football team which would improve his spoken french at least. If I was to consider an alternative school with slightly more french immersion, would it be ISP do you think?

Pinklady301 Wed 18-Oct-17 15:55:53

I have experience of the British School of Paris but as a child not a parent. I lived with a host family and my french did improve greatly, plus I had french friends as well as English ones although yes, it is basically an English school in France so english is the main language in the school.
I had a great time at the school, I don't have anything bad to say, the teachers were great as well.
Heard good things about ISP also.

MrsSchadenfreude Fri 27-Oct-17 10:44:51

For kids with dyslexia, personally, I would go for Marymount, rather than BSP, which I think is the best school in Paris for special needs. But go and see the schools and get a feel for which would suit your DSs best. Marymount is also better for French than BSP.

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