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Help choosing international / bilingual school in Paris

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patelnews Fri 01-Sep-17 02:48:26

Hello, we are new to Paris and looking for schools for our 7 year and 10 year old boys. We are moving from USA and trying to figure out best school choices for our children. We have seen ISP, EIB Victor Hugo, Kingsworth and Ecole Galilee. The boys will not start until Oct 1 earliest so unfortunately we are missing the start of school year activities.

Any advice pros/cons on these schools will be much appreciated. Recommendations for others schools to consider is great as well.


lacanadienne Mon 04-Dec-17 00:19:03

We will be moving to Paris next year and will be looking at international schools for our 4 year old (and eventually for the baby). Which school did you end up choosing? I would be very interested in any feedback or advice. We haven't yet visited, but are considering ASP, ISP, and EIB VH. Thank you!

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