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Moving to Toronto

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Cicak Tue 22-Aug-17 11:22:12

Hi all,
I hope I can get some advice from all you good ladies (and gents).
My husband, myself and our 11 years old son are thinking about moving to Toronto from London. My brother in law lives just outside Toronto and he has been living there since 1993. We have been to visit a few times and every time we go to visit we say we would like to live there. However, every time we visited was during summer, so I wonder what our opinion would be during their winter. My brother in law says that winters are not as cold or as long as they used to be 24 years ago now. He says they are much warmer and the really cold temperatures last for max 3 weeks and that's all. Well, my brother in law is usually very positive and happy go lucky, so if you have any other opinion, please let me know.
Furthermore, there are three other tings I need your help with:
1. Average salary for Senior Project Managers in Investment banks. My husband has been working for investment banks for the last 16 years. I tried hard to find what his salary would be in Toronto (permanent and contractor), but it is almost impossible to fin out. If you know anything at all, please let me know. Furthermore, my job is in PA and HR as HR Coordinator. On average, what are PA's salaries in Toronto? Again 20 percent up or down in guessing is OK. As long as I have some kind of a number so that I can figure out how much we can bring home and what our living standard could be there compare to what we have in London right now,
2. Schools and where to live. We like Oakville, Bront and South Mississauga. We also like North of Bloor Street and Beaches, but we are realistic and know we cannot afford anything there right now. How do I find out if school is good? I would look around Oakville, Bronte and South Mississauga, even though my brother in law says that we should look around Uxbridge, Pickering i Stouffville as well. However, my husband likes rowing and we would really like to be near the lake, however, we are open to all options.
3. And finally, the quality of their National health Services. Is it as 'good' as current UK NHS is or is it better? We are lucky to have BUPA private in UK as well, even though we use NHS most of the time, but if we really want to see specialist within 2 or 3 days we go BUPA. We know there is no private option in Canada, so please let me know your opinion and experience regarding National Health. I have some auto immune chronic illnesses for which I need one year and 6 months check up. I wonder how would that be using national health and not private (currently most of my checks are still done using private).
4. Any other information you think I should be aware of.
Thank you very much for all your help.

westcoastnortherneragain Tue 05-Sep-17 06:25:20

I'm on the west coast, but my first question is do you have an appropriate visa to move?

crazywriter Tue 19-Sep-17 02:02:34

We're 3.5hrs away from Toronto so can't really help with areas, except were in a good area for boats and close to Lake Huron. There are also some good areas South of Toronto as far as I know. Not 100% as it's not one of my interest.

Cost of living is high in Toronto, but if you're moving from London I think it's on par. I can't help with jobs but wages are good in Toronto.

Health care wise, you'd get OHIP after 3 months of residency, as long as you have permanent residency or citizenship. Me and my daughter's got it after 3 months but my husband had to wait longer for his until he got his permanent residency approved. The health care has been good though. If say on par with the NHS. Although I do admit that I've barely had to use doctors. I had to go to the hospital once and was in for 4 hours. That got me through everything, including an ultrasound. I had to have private cover for three months before or pay the medical fees over here without OHIP.

One thing I will say about Toronto when I've driven through is traffic is horrendous and the drivers take bog unnecessary risks. But I've only had issues with Toronto and Montreal. Everywhere else has been peaceful. But because of it insurance costs are ridiculously high.

Weather last year was much warmer than usual. We're in what's known as the banana belt so get much better weather. Toronto is just east of the snow belt (sure you can guess why). I do remember seeing loads of snow around Toronto when we had nothing at all. Kids had snow days but ours had none. My aunt's have said weather has been warmer but it's still cold and lots of shovelling. My kids and husband are looking forward to proper winters. I like the sun!

I will try to help with any other questions you have but I don't know much about the area. We did look there but the cost of living out us off. Whee we are near Lake Huron we're managing to live on just one wage with money to spare. And I freelance at that so never a guarantee each month (although do have some constant clients)

crazywriter Tue 19-Sep-17 02:03:27

And I know you posted this in August but I was actually in the UK when you did. Just checking in now I'm back smile

UKsounding Thu 21-Sep-17 18:16:37

@crazywriter - I am interested to hear more about good locations to live South of Toronto...

MissBabbs Thu 21-Sep-17 18:32:00

The BritishExpats forum might have info

expat38matt Wed 25-Oct-17 06:23:26

Currently live and work in Toronto feel free to PM me

Want2bSupermum Sun 29-Oct-17 01:09:57

My family are from the area. The cost of living isn't bad. Take a look at Burlington. It's the next town along the QEW and there are lots of families. It's a good place to start while you figure out what you want.

City center living is high cost but not as high as London IME. Wages are on par with the UK and taxes are also about the same. Quality of life is much much higher. I would move to that area if we could. It's a wonderful part of the world to raise DC.

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