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OhSoTotallyLost Fri 04-Aug-17 14:29:09


Has anyone moved to Oman (but not Muscat)? There might be the opportunity to move there but would like some opinions.

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scaryteacher Sun 06-Aug-17 17:30:27

My db is just leaving after three years, but was posted there with HM Forces. He enjoyed it, but the culture could be a bit hard to get your head around.

DubaiismyBlackpool Tue 08-Aug-17 05:20:04

Oman is lovely! The people are very friendly and it is pretty safe. We live about 3 hours from Muscat towards the 'top' of the country.

Where in Oman is the job based? Where would you be living? Will it be family status or single?

Pikachuwithyourmouthclosed Tue 08-Aug-17 07:01:28

The culture of Oman is not hard to get your head around. It's not Saudi!

scaryteacher Tue 08-Aug-17 13:20:52

Pika Db found it hard to get his head around the way some of the Omanis treated house staff. Professionally, he found some of the culture far removed from what would be accepted elsewhere as well.

EnormousDormouse Wed 09-Aug-17 08:29:49

Where is the job? Life as an expat can vary hugely here (friend hated her lecturing post away from Muscat). I suspect it's easier as an expat in Muscat than some other parts (opera house, lots of interesting events, very mixed population) but it will depend on what you enjoy and want out of it.

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