Moving from Scotland to Republic of Ireland

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shivers91 Wed 19-Jul-17 15:43:02

Okay so might be a long one and I'm not sure if it's in the right place...
My husband and I are from and live in Scotland (Lanarkshire). My mother is from Dublin and I hold an Irish passport (have never had a UK one), my husband has a UK one and so do both our daughters however my mother would like to add them to the foreign births register to then get them Irish passports.
We've just returned from two weeks in Co. Waterford where my Irish family have a holiday house. We've been on holiday there countless times before but this year we just didn't want to come home. With Brexit and the poor state of the pound etc right now we truly believe that our family's prospects would be a million times better in the Republic.
My question is how do we go about it? What do we need to do in order to move over? Is it better to get a house first (renting) or look for a job first? I already have a bank account with Permanent TSB so that's a plus right?
My husband has an art degree but works in IT - technical support side at the moment but has experience in facilities management - and I have a qualification as an ESA (classroom assistant) and am going into my third and final year of a BA in Community Education. We obviously wouldn't be moving until I completed uni next April but want to set serious plans in motion. To work in Education do I need to be fluent in Irish?
We have family in Waterford and Dublin, and are looking at the Waterford area and surrounding but ultimately will go where the jobs are. We also haven't got a the strongest credit ratings but are working to fix that. Do you need guarantors for rented accommodation? Especially if coming over possibly with no secure employment?


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Viviene Tue 25-Jul-17 07:24:01

Jobs first, then look for a house (as everywhere really if you are renting) but while looking for jobs take into consideration what the house market is like in the area iykwim

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