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sunbunnydownunder Thu 22-Jun-17 06:38:11

Does anyone know how to go about getting UK passports for my Aussie/NZ born children? They can get them as my husband is from Northern Ireland, we haven't really thought about getting them before as they have their Irish and Nz ones but with Brixit we thought we should get them encase the rules change.
Do we need to apply for citizenship first or do we just apply for the passport. I looked on line already and it wasn't clear. Thanks

Nolim Thu 22-Jun-17 06:44:02

Depends on whether they are already British citizens or not. Check here:

If not they may have to register as a British citizens first:

ChipIn Thu 22-Jun-17 06:45:57

DH and I are also Brits with aus-born DD. it was fairly easy - we did it online and then had to send off my parents birth and marriage certs as well to show DD's entitlement.

sunbunnydownunder Thu 22-Jun-17 07:04:36

Thanks I am hoping it is like the Irish passport and you just apply. Shit if we need my in-laws marriage cert as DH is NC with his parents.

Paddybare Thu 22-Jun-17 07:10:39

Marriage certificates are public records so you could always just order a copy for yourself. It may have to be certified though?

Treesinbloom Thu 22-Jun-17 07:43:24

There's a government website that explains all the documents you have to provide when applying for a passport, particularly for children born abroad.

It's very clear.

From memory I have to send my birth certificate to prove that my DC (born in France) have British nationality by descent. Then I have to send their birth certs (officially translated) and various other documents, including photocopies of my British passport.

That is because I'm born before 1/1/83. After that and you have to also send birth certs (and maybe other docs) from grandparents to prove the British descent.

VintagePerfumista Thu 22-Jun-17 07:46:01

If he is British they are most likely British by descent and you will just need to apply with the relevant docs listed on the website.

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