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Help needed from MNs in USA please

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EastMids2 Wed 07-Jun-17 11:17:13

People in Chat have suggested I try here ......

My daughter was born on 4th July. She had a tough start with two sessions of surgery for heart defects and later on had to cope with the sudden death of her dad when she was just 10. She's an only child and, when it was tough going, we talked about and she dreamed of one day spending her birthday in USA, celebrating 4th July in style. DD will be 25 next month (where have the years flown?)and the trip was all planned. Sadly, for a number of reasons, she will now be unable to do this and I'd like to ask MNs anywhere in America if they could possibly send a photo standing next to their home town/city sign / landmark etc, holding a piece of paper or something with the words "happy birthday Alexandra" (or Alex) from wherever you are (no need for faces showing, happy for you to be anonymous!).

I will then print and make a scrapbook. If anyone can help, please reply and I'll send you my email. Thank you in advance smile

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