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we leave in 3 months. What do I need to be doing?

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HighOverTheFenceLeapsSunnyJim Mon 22-May-17 13:54:20

I've been ignoring our relatively imminent departure for a while as I didn't think it would really happen. But now it is 12 weeks away & I suddenly feel out of control! What do I need to do?? I'm doing vague decluttering (not shipping anything, getting rid of lots & storing the rest with family), what admin stuff do I need to do? Surely someone has written a checklist of moving abroad jobs I can copy?!

Kursk Mon 22-May-17 14:03:39

I don't know if you are planning on coming back to the UK. We left for good our check list was.
Take dog to vet for vaccinations/paperwork to fly
Close all bank accounts,
Inform, sky, electricity, gas etc
Sell stuff, pack and declutter
Pack all important documents, birth certificate passport etc, shred anything else.

consideringchina Tue 23-May-17 20:16:05

We are going in July. At the moment I am trying to sort schools for the DC and mucking out the garage, although we are shipping stuff so i have to make take/store/chuck decisions.
Look at vaccinations, too, depending where you are going.
It is not too early to speak to removal people if you will need them.

Kursk Tue 23-May-17 20:40:27

Yes good point. Go to the doctor and get every vaccination that you think you may ever need, use the healthcare as it may not be free where you are going

Consideringchina Tue 23-May-17 21:18:20

I don't think you get travel vaccinations free. Not entirely sure, will be able to tell you next week!

indaba Sat 03-Jun-17 10:35:46

Renew driving licence if runs out soon.

HighOverTheFenceLeapsSunnyJim Sat 03-Jun-17 12:59:08

We are going to South Africa via 6 months of travelling. I think you can get some vax for free - we are at the travel clinic next week anyway! Keeping bank accounts open as we aren't leaving forever & certainly will be temporarily in the uk next spring in between the two legs!

LIZS Sun 04-Jun-17 07:39:25

If you receive child benefit etc you need to tell the relevant offices as you may cease to be eligible. Also tax office when you leave indefinitely and you won't be eligible for isa accounts and so on.

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