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Sunshineandgin Thu 11-May-17 21:43:30

Has anyone gone back to the UK to get married in between moving countries?

Do both halves of the couple need to register for Marriage licence together at the same time?

amyboo Fri 12-May-17 07:10:00

I went back to the UK to get married while living in another country (DH was also living outside the UK). We had to register together, live in the UK for a week (we had to show travel tickets to prove it) and then both sit separate interviews (at the same time) with the people in the registry office. We used the in-laws' address, as my parents were also living in another country at the time. It was quite straightforward, but a bit of a pain.

Sunshineandgin Sat 13-May-17 03:35:19

Thank you that's really helpful. I guess we have some timing to work out!

amyboo Mon 15-May-17 16:51:31

Apparently the living in the UK for a week bit was to allow time for the banns to be published outside the registry office. We didn't have to do it all in the same district we were getting married in either, which made things easier for is.

RedMetamorphosis Mon 22-May-17 14:20:55

We've just done this.

We both had to show proof of address that we had been in the UK at the same address for 7 full days - I used a bank statement and my DDad (as homeowner) wrote a letter for DH stating that he had been living there for 7 full days.

We booked an appointment with the registrar (at a DRO as DH is non EU), took our passports,, proof of address and a passport photo (only required for non EU). We gave information together and then separately. 28 days later, we got married.

Very straightforward, biggest pain is finding an appointment time which works.

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