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Luxembourg - areas to live and schools

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Quercy2017 Wed 03-May-17 10:50:27


We are moving to Luxembourg imminently and despite a couple of reccy trips, we are still in a quandary as to where best to live.

The main issue is we don't yet have a school place for September (son due to start Reception in England as he turns 5 late this year).
We have applied for St George's but still wait listed. I have also applied for the international school, though it does look a little large and scary for a 5 year old! We haven't totally ruled out sending our son to a local school, but hubby not hugely keen on this idea.

So all that said, we are trying to work on locations that would serve all schools, as well as be convenient for my husband's work and also a nursery/creche for our younger daughter.

My husband's work is at the Cloche D'or area. We have also come across Sunflower Montessori which looks amazing for our 2.5 year old.

So, we have come across the locations of Moutfort/Contern, Hesperange/Roeser, and Strassen.

Moutfort is great for the Sunflower montessori and I understand there is a private bus route for St George's. It's also not a bad drive to the office for my husband as it appears to be a fairly rural route in for most of the way. For ex-cur activities, it looks like Sandweiler has a lot going on nearby with maybe the exception of a swimming pool?
We have also seen a relatively reasonable priced house here too, with the only downside being its close proximity to a rail line...

Hesperange area - looks ideal for both my husband's work. There is also another private bus route for St George's, and generally seems to be one of the clearer routes into the City and the schools for driving purposes. Downside is no Sunflower montessori - so we would need to look at other creches. [On a side note - any recommendations on other creches would be really helpful here].

Strassen - looks handy to get into ISL and maybe OK also for St George's if driving. Also on the private bus route for St G's. Downside again, no Sunflower - there is one at Bertrange but I am informed availability is an issue at that location. [So - any other recommendations for creches at Strassen area would be very helpful too please].
Strassen also looks like it has a lot of amenities including the big pool, and other ex-cur activities.

I guess - all in all, I am looking for tips/advice on which of these locations you would recommend - pluses/minuses? My eyes are definitely going square/rectangular shape from so much research on this!!

Many many thanks in advance.

henstooth Fri 12-May-17 06:10:42

Hi Query, we're also moving to Lux in July (DH already out there). Have you looked at Lycée Michel Lucius in Limpertsberg - they are opening a new English primary in Sept which is a state school. Our two are registered, although we're hoping to get into St George's as the transition may be easier for our two. We're also still looking for somewhere to live, saw a couple of places available now but we can't move until July...

henstooth Fri 12-May-17 06:12:22

Sorry for another post - there's a useful Facebook group called Luxembourg expats - if you join a lot of people will have asked similar questions- I found it really helpful smile

Donostia Fri 12-May-17 06:18:34

sorry, no advice, but your post made me feel nostalgic as i went to st. george's 25 years ago! it was the top floor of another school and really tiny, about 40
students, and i loved it!

Quercy2017 Fri 12-May-17 13:13:29

Hi Henstooth, thanks so much for your message and your tips.

I did look at that new English speaking section of Michel Lucius but unfortunately our son is only going into reception as of sept and the michel Lucius school is starting from year 1. That would have been a great option otherwise.

I am starting to wonder if we just try out the local school with the (hope) that we get a place at St Georges in due course. From what I understand geberally most get in eventually. I am not too sure about the ISL. it's also very expensive...!

In the end, we have settled for the villages just south of the airport - east of Lux around Sandweiler etc. There are a lot of amenities in that area including activity classes, ballet, swimming, tennis etc.

The traffic in the morning is certainly bad but frankly looks bad in most areas at rush hour anyway. We also really like the Sunflower crèche and they have a handy location at Moutfort (also at Findel bit I reckon the traffic will be particularly terrible there at rush hour).. I am a big fan of the country roads tootling around!

So in the end I have now tentatively found a house. In fact, via a FB group funily enough (Luxembourg parents group page). Lots of helpful people!

I am starting to see a lot of houses coming available from July August now as lots of movement over summer holidays!

Also it seems a lot of property is word of mouth as not everything apparently makes etc and as I have now experienced a few times - good property gets snapped up really quickly! We have now lost out a couple of times so fingers crossed for this one we have now found this week.

It's definitely a minefield, but feel like we are getting there, though I will be happy once schooling sorted out!

Have you settled on an area(s) to live yourselves?

Thanks again for your message.

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