International removal companies - any recommendations?

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wintergirl Sat 22-Apr-17 14:58:14

We're moving to Paris in a few months time and, though DH's company will fund the move they don't have a lot of expat move experience and therefore don't have a company they usually use. Can anyone give me any recommendations for companies?

Also, any practical tips on how to get prepared on our end for all the packing/ the actual move would be great. We have 2 primary aged children and we'll need to ship everything in our house (though I am starting to make regular charity shop and tip trips!)

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Ruhrpott Sat 22-Apr-17 15:00:27

Sorry don't have any recommmendations as we moved ourselves. If you use Facebook then join the group I am a triangle. There are lots of helpful expats on there.

imelda3 Sat 22-Apr-17 15:07:30

Michael Gerson did our corporate move and were good.

Lists and labels are the key!

Good luck!

Laptopwieldingharpy Sun 23-Apr-17 03:06:15

We used crown and allies Pickford for moves in Europe. Great packing and unpacking

RedSandYellowSand Sun 23-Apr-17 04:28:27

We used Pickford's international arm too.

I don't know what shipping time to Europe is, but consider the fact that you need, E.g. a kettle at both ends pretty immediately. So packing and shipping it might just lead to you buying one too - and think of all the adapters. Our shipping was 8 weeks. Yours will be shorter. Consider what it is easier to just dump in the UK and rebuy.

We weren't allowed to pack the boxes for customs reasobs, so can't help there, but they kept similar stuff together, and labeled EVERYTHING. All boxes were also numbered, and we got a list. So box 1 kitchen, box 2 kitchen, box 3 kids toys, box 4 printer etc. Helped with what to unpack!!!

sphinxster Sun 23-Apr-17 05:23:04

We also used allied Pickford and they were great.

Cantseethewoods Sun 23-Apr-17 06:02:08

I've used Pickfords from Uk and Santa Fe from Dubai to HK. Both v good. Not sure if SantaFe do ex-Uk.


GingerHanna Sun 23-Apr-17 06:10:27

We used Pickfords BUT be careful. Ask them if they are going to subcontract your move out to a third party - they did for us and it was awful. Just shocking.

Cantseethewoods Sun 23-Apr-17 06:11:59

Packing tips:

- do a massive clear out/ charity shop run before they come.
- group like things together- otherwise your 5 'junk drawers' become 5 junk boxes with 4 biros, a screwdriver, a headless Lego man and half a roll of sellotape in each.
- if there's stuff you're not taking, separate it completely or otherwise label it with post it's so packers know not to pack
- check customs for anything you can't take

OliviaStabler Sun 23-Apr-17 06:13:38

GB Liners. Excellent service and very reliable.

HumpHumpWhale Sun 23-Apr-17 06:20:05

Pickfords are great. But when we moved to Paris (and back) we used a small company and the guys basically came, packed our stuff, drove to the ferry, we went and got on the eurostar, and they met us at the flat on the other end the next day. Fab. Because it was basically just a couple of guys there wasn't a whole chain of people/warehouses to slow things down. I'll try to dig out the name but it was quite a few years ago. We just found them on Google.

wintergirl Wed 26-Apr-17 18:06:50

Thanks very much all, that's really useful. LOL Cantseethewoods, yes I do have visions of arriving in France and finding random lego pieces in all boxes! Will give a few companies a call this week, and will definitely remember to check the subcontracting out bit GingerHanna.

I hadn't thought of customs restrictions for France, anyone know if I do need to factor that in? All other tips gratefully received, and if anyone's got experience of a relocation company (that helps you settle in, find a Dr etc and not just move belongings) that would be great. I see Michael Gerson do that but would be good to have another option for cost comparisons.

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OutandIntoday Wed 26-Apr-17 18:09:52

Are you moving from a house to a flat? If so, you may need to consider if the furniture will fit up the stairs.

wintergirl Wed 26-Apr-17 19:36:56

We'll be on the outskirts so it'll be a house, though still have to find one! So that should make things easier furniture wise I think.

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HNY2017 Wed 26-Apr-17 19:38:40

GB liners.

scaryteacher Thu 27-Apr-17 18:45:18

Whites did ours out to Brussels both times and were fab. I am hoping that we'll get them to move us back as opposed to the crappy Belgian firm who should have done our move out.

Gimboid Wed 03-May-17 14:30:46

We've had a Crown corporate move to and from Malaysia but a word of advice, keep any 'sellable' valuables separate if you are having a packing service. I've had a pair of designer sunglasses and a couple of nice pens (all in their boxes) go missing in various moves. I think the fact they are easier to sell on in the original boxes makes them more tempting.

AllMumsyWereTheBorrowedClothes Wed 03-May-17 14:39:48

We moved to S E Asia with a UK based firm who had no experience of Thailand and so it took months to get our belongings through, on the way home we used DB Schenker who, from that single experience, I would definitely use again - quick, efficient etc - though they may have had the easier part of the equation as were returning to the UK rather than relocating.
Hope your move goes well.

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