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Surges of homesickness

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itjustwontgoaway Fri 14-Apr-17 16:51:01

All is well for weeks on end then something seemingly innocent throws you into pit of unbearable homesickness........
Anyone else? Or just me?
Caught an episode of "antiques roadshow" and was immediately transported back to my grandmothers living room ........
Went to a "world " market place and had a lovely bit of banter with the guy from the "British " stall. ......
My whole weekend has now become shit as I cant concentrate on anything but how much I don't want to be here....sadconfused

RitzyMcFee Fri 14-Apr-17 16:57:10

For some reason I always found Easter one of the hardest times. Perhaps because a lot of my friends would go and visit their parents. It's a funny holiday wherever you are.

writergirl747474 Sat 15-Apr-17 12:35:27

Yep... this sounds like me. I am in Oz and plagued my thoughts of going home. I have been here 10 months so the excitement has worn off and reality has set in. I haven't fully 'packed up' in the UK - still got my flat, still pay tax there (self employed remote worker) and I have no motivation to change any of that. I moved here to live with DP but just miss my friends and family so much. I've met people here but no one I'd call in a crisis, just people to vaguely hang out with. I miss the ease of friends with shared history /interests. Any everyone at home assumes it's great here cos it's sunny. But it's also twice as expensive and I was sorted financially (ish) in the UK. And although DP is lovely, living together is sometimes tough (first time cohabiting for me at 40, and I am set in my ways, so much compromising). The only way I can stay here is tell myself it's not forever and I'll be back home at some point - I have a trip back booked for June and I literally cannot wait.

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