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Does it get better in MYP (IB related)

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menopausalmadam Sun 09-Apr-17 16:30:55

I posted on the education board but thought I'd post here as maybe more children go through the International school/IB route here.

Both children are in an International/ IB school and it now look like they will finish their education in said school. We live outside the UK and had always planned to return at some point in their education. Things have changed and will will be staying on here.
They are both in PYP and in all honesty I have found it really hard to understand how or what they are learning. The eldest has had good teachers but the youngest is on her 3rd this term. I have found in really all depends on the teacher.
I do a lot of work with them at home ,covering the basics that they simply don't address in PYP.
Is MYP different in the learning approach?, do they actually teach the children or do they continue to be 'learning facilitators' opposed to actual teachers.....
MYP parents all seem to say that they get lots and lots of homework , but not much on the actual work they do in school.
Any insights, experience with IB schools would be very much appreciated.

Flurries Tue 11-Apr-17 10:37:30

It really depends on your point of view OP. The MYP is concept-based. It focuses on key skills rather than content. If you think that isn't learning.....then probably best to avoid it.

Laptopwieldingharpy Tue 11-Apr-17 11:19:47

The MYP is actually worse are there is no measure for content whatsoever. In the PYP you can at least fall back on basic numeracy and literacy.
You balready know from experience that the IB is only as good as a teacher is.
Good news I s since you are staying the course in the same school all the way through the end of the dip they should be just fine.
The big problem is when switching schools before the dip and having possible wide gaps/repetitions.

menopausalmadam Thu 13-Apr-17 08:23:45

Thanks for the replies.
When is the dip Lap I am thinking when they would move to MYP.
I have realised that they will have to stay the course once they reach MYP as I have accepted that a move to mainstream then would be a nightmare.

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