Moving from London to Brussels

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elportodelgato Mon 03-Apr-17 20:01:45

My DH has a new job in Brussels, so we're hoping to all move there from London in the summer. I'm not working at the moment so will be doing most of the leg work with the move... any advice from people who've done this move would be gratefully received!

Just for context: We have 2 DC aged 6 & 9. We have a house in London which we will keep and let out while we rent somewhere in Brussels. I know nothing about schools, areas, shipping etc etc as we've never lived abroad before! TIA for any help from the Brussels Mumsnet crowd x

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catmack16 Mon 03-Apr-17 20:22:27

I guess some elements depend on whether you have school fees paid for and also housing rental paid for as that provides a potentially different set of choices to those who don't have school or housing costs paid for. Also where work will be as travel/ commutes can be busy.
Apart from that Brussels is a great place to live with children I think as lots going on but not a huge city to live in and navigate.
Personally I'd choose eastern Brussels/ outer suburbs - Woluwe St Pierre/ Auderghem/ Wezembeek/ Kraainem - if that was ok for work journey as they are nice areas with good local schools and if necessary access to international schools.

cannotseeanend Mon 03-Apr-17 21:32:41

Where exactly is work? I'd use that as a starter for where to look to live. Without precise location, would not want to suggest where to live and which schools either.

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