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Recs for BTL non-resident landlord insurance pls

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EmGee Wed 22-Mar-17 14:22:08

Currently using Discount Landlord's insurance which I found on MN a few years ago but their quotes keep going up.
Any recommendations?

Cantseethewoods Tue 28-Mar-17 19:18:29

Call Alan Boswell ( brokers). They've done all ours.

AppleMagic Tue 28-Mar-17 19:20:09

I use CIA lettings insurance.

SnowBallsAreHere Tue 28-Mar-17 19:21:17


BananaInPyjama Sun 02-Apr-17 01:45:44

peacocks insurance

user1491148352 Mon 03-Apr-17 15:24:59

We have had very good experiences with Alan Boswell.

GinAndFrolic Thu 06-Apr-17 23:38:46

Mumsnet recommended Alan Boswell on another thread when I looked last year for landlords insurance. I live abroad and this was not an issue for them and they came out very competitive and also found me a flexible policy that will allow me to stay in the house when I am back in the summer as there won't be a tenant then. I dealt with them mostly over email, I think I had one initial call. Overall a very good experience, I phoned about 4 companies in all.

JooLoo Fri 07-Apr-17 19:56:37

Came on to ask a similar question. Having problems renewing as currently between tenants. Alan Boswell came up trumps! Thanks Mumsnet.

StealthPolarBear Fri 07-Apr-17 19:57:49

Also want to know, thank you

GinSwigmore Fri 07-Apr-17 20:02:07

AVA via Jelf. Probably far too high £500 p.a. but covers loss of rent, malicious damage etc and they were really good when I had to claim.

Sunnyshores Fri 07-Apr-17 20:04:55

I moved mine from Discount last year to Insurance

I always phone each year and ask why my insurance has gone up 10% or whatever, I always manage to get a reduction.

Strigoi Fri 07-Apr-17 20:05:48

Ooh, thanks, I need a new one too! Will check some of these out.

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