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Ohio or Indiana?

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BettyBatter Mon 20-Mar-17 22:33:37

It looks like we are relocating with my husband's job for at least two years. Not sure whether to be excited or terrified! We have two children one YR1 the other YR6. We have a choice of living in Ohio or Indiana. I've never been to either before. Has anyone lived there? Where would you recommend? We just need to be no more than about 45 minutes from a main airport. Looking for a friendly, safe area with good schools and easy access to the countryside.

Vagndidit Wed 22-Mar-17 10:47:30

I grew up in Ohio so I know it quite well. Which cities are you considering? They're all quite different. Cleveland is Rust Belt, somewhat working clasd, very East Coast on a small scale. Lots of culture and sports, Lake Erie beaches are nice in the summer, winters can be long, grey and snowy.
Columbus is more vanilla middle America, probably closest to Indiana culture-wide. Ohio State Uni is everything in Columbus.
Cincinnati is southern Ohio, lots of multi-national HQs, good suburban schools, a bit too close to Kentucky for my taste ;) All 3 have very reasonable costs of living and I'd give my right arm to move back

Want2bSupermum Wed 22-Mar-17 15:15:57

My cousin is now living in Cincinnati after a stint in China and if that is one of your options I would take it with both hands. Their DC have very different needs and they are very happy with their school district supporting both DC and their needs. They were behind in a couple of areas and the school provided extra help to get them up to speed.

Don't believe for a minute what people in England tell you. The good school districts here in the US are like good private schools academically. Don't be fooled into thinking private is better. It isn't. You are far better off getting your kids into a good school district than paying for private in most areas.

So, take a look at both places and look at the different school districts available to you on places like and Go to the location with the best schools.

BettyBatter Thu 23-Mar-17 16:06:18

Food for thought there- thank you! I think we're erring more towards Cincinnati (what's wrong with Kentucky Vag?)

Good to hear about your cousin Want2b and that she is pleased with the schools. DS is showing very strong signs that he is dyslexic and I've been worried that he may not get the support he needs in school over there. I feel reassured now!

Want2bSupermum Thu 23-Mar-17 17:09:21

My cousins younger child had issues identified while they were living in canada and before they relocated to China. The school district were great with the transition and had him start summer school for 2 weeks so they could help him settle plus start assessments before term started.

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