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Stay in Paris (75) or move to western suburbs?

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Starduke Thu 16-Mar-17 10:31:20

This is a bit of a niche question, but we're wondering whether to stay in our current area (fairly central 16th) in a flat or whether to buy a (twice as big plus garden) house out in the western suburbs (Rueil MM or Maisons-Laffitte).

Anyone got any advice? We've made list of pros and cons but just can't make our minds up.

I've only ever lived in central Paris since moving here many years ago, so I'm a bit afraid that we'll move and hate it. On the other hand, since having DC we don't really take full advantage of living in the centre (bars, theatres, shops etc.) and mainly stay within walking distance of our flat at the weekend.

alteredimages Thu 16-Mar-17 10:43:55

We are in a suburb to the south and are much happier here than we were in Paris. It took a bit of adjustment at first, but the community activities, green spaces, and friendlier less stressed people have really made us glad to be here.

I don't know the western suburbs well and so can't give detailed advice on that point, but in your position, I think I would choose to move.

Starduke Thu 16-Mar-17 11:03:06

Ah, thanks for your reply!

The friendlier less stressed people sounds lovely. Our neighbours are all horrible and the lady downstairs is the worst (I love our flat but am permanently telling the DSes not to run/bang etc. and it's exhausting).

Has it added to your commuting time? My commute would be reduced but DH's would increase and he's not too keen on that. However he is pretty keen on having a 3rd DC and I've refused to do it if we're not in a house grin

lemonapple Thu 16-Mar-17 12:00:59

If it were Paris centre 8eme arr. around Monceau/Villiers (dream area!) then personally we would not move out. I believe the city centres will become car free, they have to.
But it's a very personal decision for your family so good luck !

alteredimages Thu 16-Mar-17 17:51:42

I'm not working at the moment, but it has added significantly to DH's, yes. He was renting a small flat in the 8th but we needed more space and found the suburbs more affordable. His commute has gone from a 15-20 minute walk to between 50 minutes and one hour door to door. He says it is worth it and he is happier here though.

Good luck, whatever you decide!

Starduke Fri 17-Mar-17 08:29:44


A 15-20 minute walk commute is indeed luxury in Paris!

I think we need to visit the areas we're looking at, as well as some houses to decide. I grew up in a house with a big garden so I'm convinced, but DH is typical French growing up in a 2 bedroomed flat so he's not convinced a house is necessary....

frozentree Fri 17-Mar-17 08:34:17

We're way out in a village in the wilds of the Yvelines so can't really compare.

However whenever I come into the Western suburbs I never understand the attraction - yes, there is more space but it's still very built up and driving anywhere takes forever. Maison Lafitte is much the better of the two, but it is a complete pain to get to unless you are only using the RER.

It's a very personal thing tho' so only you and your family can make the decision. We decided on village life after 3 weeks in central Paris with 2 very small children and third on the way, and I just couldn't see my life being bearable living like that! Now my husband has about an 50 minute commute (10 min drive, 30 min train, 10 min walk) but never goes in a peak times and is only based in Paris a third of the time so he finds it easily do-able. You must remember also that as your kids grow up, your needs change and city life may become far more appealing - my 3 would love to live in central Paris now!

BoboChic Fri 17-Mar-17 12:59:57

If I were you I would move within Paris. My DP grew up in the middle of the 16th and his father still lives there and we hate it!

The major consideration that should drive the location of your accommodation is your DCs' school. What sort of education do you want for them?

Starduke Fri 17-Mar-17 14:17:28

Very good point about education.

DS1 currently in excellent school and it's exactly the school I want for the DC.

I went to visit Rueil this lunchtime and I wasn't too enamoured. Maisons laffitte was much nicer (and greener) but again, I might miss having everything on my doorstep.

What do you hate about the 16th bobo ? We only moved here by accident but love our flat and the local park. School is excellent as I said. I wouldn't like to be further south though in the 16th.

Moving within Paris could be a solution too. WIll have a look at that.

BoboChic Fri 17-Mar-17 14:23:13

We find it old fashioned and stuck up! I much prefer the 7th (where we live now, round Saint-Dominique) which is much more laid back (no fur coats...) and the 17th round Parc-Monceau (more stuck up than 7th but more modern).

But school has to be the driver.

Starduke Fri 17-Mar-17 14:39:41

Just looked at the 7th with our budget (which isn't tiny but isn't huge either) and there's no offers! lol

DH would love to be even more centre Paris (he's mentionned the 7th before) but when we were buying a few years ago the only place that had a lot of offers was the 16th. At the time the 17th, 14th and 15th had virtually nothing available. (we used to live near parc monceau)

BoboChic Fri 17-Mar-17 14:42:35

I agree that there is often more property available in the 16th. We looked for quite a while before finding our current apartment, we were the first viewers (the EA hadn't seen it) and we offered "on the spot".

MrsSchadenfreude Fri 17-Mar-17 23:38:54

We used to live near Parc Monceau too! I worked in the 16th and found it charmless - staid, old and dull, with too many small dogs and old ladies with stretched faces.

spinassienne Thu 23-Mar-17 20:19:48

Why does it have to be western suburbs? Why not east/south/north?

I have to say I moved to the suburbs to start a family and I really miss being in Paris. We couldn't have afforded to have the kids in Paris though.

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