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St Edwards Malta

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khaleesi71 Wed 15-Mar-17 07:48:44

We are going to look at this school for our DS (10 - UK year 5). He would be due to start in sept in Year 7 because of the different staging dates in Malta. Although they'll assess him and see where he would best sit. Does anyone have any experience of this school at all?

andonwego Tue 21-Mar-17 05:58:23

Are you not going to be living in Gozo?

khaleesi71 Fri 24-Mar-17 17:46:33

Yes - but changed circumstances and now looking at different options. Looking forward to the move. Are you on Gozo too?

andonwego Sat 25-Mar-17 01:53:41

Pm'd you smile

sentenceinterrupted Wed 26-Jul-17 16:29:35

@khaleesi71 , @andonwego , I was wondering if i can pick your brains too, please? We are (as of this week) also going to settle in Malta ... looking into schools for my 8 year old (though late october birthday, so probably going into Y4 instead of Y5), and my 5 year old (Y1?), and then later my 2 year old... would love any school feedback. A ring around today has told me that QSI has space for both my boys (but might be a bit far from tigne point, where we are likely to be based?), that Chiswick has space for my 5 year old, which would put the others at the top of the waiting list, and everyone else isn't answering phones (here's hoping for email feedback). We've been homeschooling from several different countries over the last year, plus 8 year old has some mild memory issues due to epilepsy, so not sure if a very strictly academic school will suit him (he's intelligent enough, but dropping behind on curriculum). Would love feedback if you (or anyone else) has it, please!

khaleesi71 Sun 13-Aug-17 21:21:11

Hi and welcome! I'm not much help I'm afraid. We plumped for local schools in Gozo and hadn't really looked at any of the schools you mentioned as I was looking at boarding. St Edwards wasn't right for us. Good luck and hope someone can be more help to you smile

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