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Is anybody living in Philippines

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hellokittymania Tue 14-Mar-17 14:26:39

I began to work here on and off last year and I'm thinking about moving here as I run a charity and have plenty of opportunities support and friends here . I do have a few questions though.

Since I have a severe visual impairment and don't know the Philippines as well as I know Vietnam Singapore Thailand and other places in southeast Asia I might need to have a personal assistant or helper until I get used to things. I was told by some locals that some places are not safe especially since I am a small foreigner who weighs less than six still stone. For example how safe is Legazpi city? I have been to Angeles on my own but I felt unsafe going out after dark? I have also been told various things about Mindanao. Which places are safe and which places aren't? I am very independent and have managed in other countries although I have been robbed many times and have been followed sometimes as well. I try and have a phone with me at all times though and I do No many people here.

Can you tell me how much a helper is and usually does your helper live in or does the helper, for a fixed amount of time every day? I know there is a skytrain in Manila but where does it run and is it easy to cross roads or walk around

Can you also tell me if there are any good online sites for Xbox in the Philippines? I have used Internation's before and found it to be quite good but I would like to know of others. Sorry I am using dictation but I meant expatriates not Xbox.

mmgirish Wed 22-Mar-17 12:34:41

That's a lot of questions OP. Some places aren't safe - I would stay away from Angeles to begin with as it's a sex tourist disgusting pit.

Other places are very safe. I lived in Manila for years and always felt safe there. The pavements can be very uneven and it can be hard to cross the road at times.

Helpers can live in or out depending on your choice.

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