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Where did you look when you were finding a place to live? New Zealand

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Kiwiinkits Tue 28-Feb-17 21:21:55

Hi MNers

I'm seeking to rent out our family home for a few months while overseas. Which websites would people from the UK typically go to to find a rental in New Zealand?

The sites that are well known here (TradeMe and Holiday Homes) are probably not known that well in the UK. So where should I advertise? Air BnB?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Kiwiinkits Mon 06-Mar-17 07:20:17


kiwipie Mon 06-Mar-17 07:53:00

I'd say air bnb!

CrikeyPeg Mon 06-Mar-17 23:40:24

Who are you wanting to target? People already in NZ looking for a new place to live or people from the UK looking to sort accommodation before they arrive here? And are you talking long term or holiday accommodation?Either way, TradeMe listings consistently show relatively high in search results (usually first page) because of the way their [blah blah blah, insert techno speak in here, something to do with algorithms? haha] are set up smile

Kiwiinkits Wed 08-Mar-17 03:15:36

Thanks Crikey.

I'm hoping to advertise my Wellington home as a temporary / short term rental to people from the UK are are relocating here. It will be available for four months. Not many people come to Wellington on holidays in mid-Winter so this is probably my only hope.

beingsunny Wed 08-Mar-17 04:32:30

Airbnb or maybe homeway.
I would use TripAdvisor too...

SchnitzelVonCrumb Wed 08-Mar-17 04:35:15

Hey I'm in NZ we put our farm on tripadvisor and airbnb worked a treat

Kiwiinkits Fri 10-Mar-17 00:27:01

thanks you guys, I've just listed on tripadvisor and airbnb. Hoping someone responsible and financially viable will come along and rent my house and be perfect tenants...... fingers crossed for me.

kiwidreamer Sun 12-Mar-17 06:06:40

Maybe something like the British Expats forum? There is a NZ forum there with lots of Brits planning the move to NZ, not sure if u can advertise tho

poochiepants Sun 12-Mar-17 18:28:09

You should get in touch with Weta Digital. They often have people over on short contracts and used to have a small team whose job it was to help contractors find temp accommodation.....that was in 2010ish, but think they'll probably still be there.

Kiwiinkits Wed 15-Mar-17 01:15:57

Hi Poochie, thanks for the suggestion - I have a friend at weta and I've advertised on their forum and through their coordinator.

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