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Advice on moving to Madrid

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Novia Wed 22-Feb-17 09:03:53

Hi there (sorry if this gets long!) Also posted in Chat as I didn't see this section before.

I am married to a Spaniard and have two children (4 and 18 months).

We both commute to London for work. Our mortgage, commute and childcare is expensive. The rush to get into and out of London for work and childcare can be stressful.

My DH has always wanted to go back to Spain but I've been resistant as my family are here, we have a nice house in a good area, great childcare, and I don't speak fluent Spanish (I can get by on the basics).

But recently we've been thinking more seriously about a move and are looking at the practicalities of renting the house and going to Madrid for (provisionally) a year.

My eldest starts school in September so it seems the ideal time - she would learn Spanish, experience the other half of her culture, see her local cousins, etc. It's a really lovely life for kids and culturally I know it's a family-friendly place.

DH has a sister in a town near Madrid so that area is attractive, also my DD could go to that local school (which is bilingual).

Initially I probably wouldn't work until the kids were settled (unless I could transfer with work), but I would want to do some sort of professional role after a few months. DH should hopefully be able to move his work or find something fairly easily.

The areas we will look at initially are Tres Cantos, Colmenar Viejo and Manzanares.

I guess I'm really looking for advice/experience/guidance from people who have made the move - or live/lived there?

What are the schools, houses like? Is it still a very late night culture, even in the sticks? What activities are available for the kids? How friendly were people? How long did it take to feel settled? Would you do it again? How easy was it to learn the language? Was there a social community of English speakers? Were you lonely? What should I know? What did/do you miss? How easy was it to make like-minded friends?

And most importantly, can you get Coronation Street?! 

Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated. We have a couple of months to work out details - but need to decide by mid-April (to give notice at work) in order for us to go mid-July (to acclimatise pre-school start).

Many thanks in advance.

amyboo Fri 24-Feb-17 08:47:50

I can't comment on the rest, as I'm not in Spain, but you can definitely get Coronation Street - either by putting in a satellite dish and freeview box (I have one in Belgium, and my parents have one in the South of France), or by using filmon - a website and app that streams UK freeview TV :-)

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