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Too middle aged to move (to Ireland)?

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Rarily Fri 10-Feb-17 12:33:35

There is a possibility we (both late forties) could move to Ireland with my husband's work, with a daughter about to start secondary school.

Although I have relatives dotted about the country, they don't live near the place we could move to.

I can imagine that this would have been an adventure 10 years ago, with good chances of making friends with a young child. But now I'm not so sure.

Does anyone have experience of it?

citychick Sun 26-Feb-17 00:57:12

hello op
just come upon your post.
i guess a lot depends on your characters .
are you community minded? religious? happy to get involved in secondary school.pta? or local church stugf? wanting to get involved in local sports or activities?

it's a but like moving anywhere you need to stick your neck out and get involved . sitting at home waiting for offers to come in the window isnt a guarantee.

ireland is a mix of nationalities too these days. its quite cosmopolitan. some parts have their cliques but that's yhe same everywhere. it takes time to settle, but nothing ventured, nothing gained as they sang!

good luck

citychick Sun 26-Feb-17 00:59:03

btw . dh and i are middle aged and we moved to Asia in2015.

SnipSnipMrBurgess Sun 26-Feb-17 02:01:20

Starting secondary is a good age to come over too.
Do you know what part of Ireland so us irish can let you know what to expect?

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