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wrenpen01 Sun 29-Jan-17 21:22:14


My husbands company have asked us to move to Singapore in August. I'm aware this is very short notice for schooling! I have 3 children aged 8 and twins 5. I'm aware Tanglin and Dover Court have a great reputation but they also have waiting lists. Both have said that there is a chance we could get in as long as we put our names down and pay a fee for the pleasure! If we do pick another school if a place doesn't become available then we lose a portion of the fee. I know there is a high turn over being international schools but does anyone know how realistic it is going to be for us to get in? We have been told the waiting lists are much shorter than recent years.
I know there are some older threads rating the schools but just wondering if there is any current information or recommendations on any other schools?
Really appreciate any information as panic is about to set it!

Darcy2 Thu 02-Feb-17 03:26:57

Hi OP, if you haven't already, add yourself to a couple of the expat Facebook groups (Singapore Expat Wives, Real Singapore Expat Wives) - the ladies are a wealth of knowledge and I'm sure you'll get more info regarding waitlists for Tanglin and Dover Court through them.
If you're keen to stay in the British curriculum (and hopefully hubby's company is paying!) also try Dulwich. Alternatively, the Canadian School is also very good, as is Stamford American school. TBH, I don't think you can go wrong with any of the international schools though!
Good luck!

wrenpen01 Thu 02-Feb-17 10:50:25

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond! They are paying, we have added Dulwich to our list as we know they do have places. Its a minefield. It's a 2 year rotation with my hubby's work so we are keen to make it as smooth for their return. Although, I don't think there is massive differences and not put off international schools.
If you have any other tips they are greatly appreciated! xxx

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