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sunshine coast typical weather - help?

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hayleyhew Sun 25-Feb-07 20:52:05

We are emigrating to the Sunshine Coast in a couple of months. Trying to work out what clothes to take - can anyone tell me what the weather is like in the winter? Do you ever have to wear a jacket? I have a lovely one which is a bit padded and debating whether to take it. Know this thread probably sound pathetic - sorry.

sibble Mon 26-Feb-07 03:35:23

Am in NZ so alot colder here but girlfriend moved to Gold Coast last year. Threw all her winter clothes before leaving UK and had to go out and buy a few jumpers and closed toe shoes etc for all the family once they arrived.

mymama Mon 26-Feb-07 03:49:25

I live 30 mins from Sunshine Coast. You will need some warmer things. We do have the odd cold day in winter down to 6-8 degrees and the wind can be quite chilly even on warmer days in winter. You may find some of your UK things too "heavy" for the cold here but a few won't hurt. hth

eidsvold Mon 26-Feb-07 05:08:29

your lighter winter things from the UK would be fine. I live in Brisbane and rarely used a heavy jacket in the 2 winters we have been through.

Usually jeans, long sleeve t-shirt or shirt and jacket for first thing in the morning or evening. Only wore jacket during the day if I wore a short sleeved shirt.

By jacket I mean single layer, drill jacket or perhaps a denim jacket - not wool.

It might be worth bringing things like jeans etc and long sleeved shirts etc. Leave heavy coats in the UK - more room in your suitcases. Probably easier to then purchase more aussie winter style clothing.

Did wear closed in shoes rather than the slides and mules I am wearing through summer.

sunshinefairy Mon 26-Feb-07 07:28:05

light winter things if you are near the water it will get chilly with the wind. a light padded/quilted jacket might be fine for night time only.. otherwise a light cotton/denim jacket is all you need. PUT AWAY all your scarves, hats, pashminas it's not that cold.

However, it can get chilly at night as most houses don't have any heating, i remember having portable heaters in winter cause the tiles and wood on the floor was really cold can get down to 5degrees at night. kids will need long jarmies.

I would take cardies, lightweight jumper (made from cotton not wool) jeans, long sleeve shirts/tops and some closed in shoes flat boots/trainers.

I guess it depends on if you are going to work or not?

hayleyhew Mon 26-Feb-07 11:49:26

Thanks all. My husband is going to study so we are both looking at working 20 hours (max allowed on student visa) and sharing children.

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