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look how desperate we are!

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sauce Sat 24-Feb-07 15:11:46

Just visited this expat food shopping site description & realised how pathetic the selection is and how desperate we must be. Surely there's room for competition? Anyone vaguely entrepreneurial on MN?

Saturn74 Sat 24-Feb-07 15:17:38

Can't get that link to work, sauce.
What is it that you need - I can make you up a food parcel if you like?

sauce Sat 24-Feb-07 15:17:40

pants with links. address is

sauce Sat 24-Feb-07 15:19:10

Seriously tempted HC! dh says we're down to our last packet of tea.

foxtrot Sat 24-Feb-07 15:20:03

I peered in the window of an expat-shop in france, it looked liked the Open All Hours shop, rows of colmans mustard and packet soup and a HUGE display of Chicken Tonight in the window

Saturn74 Sat 24-Feb-07 15:20:31

That's an emergency!
You can CAT me a list if you like.

sauce Sat 24-Feb-07 15:25:14

dream come true, HC! But after postage & packing & duty, I'd probably be better off easyjetting over for a day & stocking up. Although I probably wouldn't get through customs.

Reminds me of last June, humping super-duper Panasonic breadmaker (dh refused to help) through underground & out to Heathrow on exceedingly hot day. I still haven't used the thing.

alipiggie Sat 24-Feb-07 16:31:59

here's one that might be better

sauce Sun 25-Feb-07 13:55:34

Oh thanks alipiggie. This looks much better.

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