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Laptopwieldingharpy Sat 21-Jan-17 00:15:28

We are considering a move and would be most grateful if you could tell me just how horrendous is the traffic?

We are considering 2 schools: ISB & NIST
NIST sounds more manageable if we were to live in town. Sa thorn or north east of sathorn.
We really like ISB though because of the American curriculum.

Are they terribly oversubscribed? Super selective?
Kids are reasonably academic, very sporty and they could continue learning mandarin. They are in a good us school in Asia.


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akuabadoll Sat 21-Jan-17 08:38:51

I just got back from Bangkok (live nearby) last night and it took me 40 minutes just to leave Sukhumvit on the way to the airport in the middle of the afternoon. Coming in the previous day the same journey took 10. People get their kids to school somehow but I would certainly look into living close by/school buses/using BTS. Bangkok is an easy city in many ways but it's true traffic is rubbish.

freeinfo Mon 23-Jan-17 12:36:00

Hi OP. Exciting news that you're thinking of coming to Bangkok, but I'm afraid the traffic is at least as bad as you've heard. According to Google maps, the drive from Sathorn area to ISB is at least 47 minutes. NIST is slightly closer to Sathorn, but you're best to try and find something within 1/2 mile of your chosen school (or live within a very short walk to a BTS link).
The weather is gorgeous at this time of year, but for about 6 months of the year, walking outside is oppressive due to the heat (and lack of footpaths).
If you like the Sathorn area and would consider British curriculum, have a look at Shrewsbury International School. Right on the river, very good academically, they have Mandarin and lots and LOTS of sport (but no competitive netball or hockey which are 'British' sports).
Most living is in condos or apartments here, but there are houses too, just fewer in Sathorn and more central areas of the city.
It is a great place to live, and far less expensive than Singapore or even Malaysia.
Good luck with the decisions!

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