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What to send in advance?

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MrsPeggyPatch Fri 20-Jan-17 10:10:43

We (e, DH, DS (4), DD (will be 16 months) are moving overseas in July for a 3 year placement. Our first overseas placement. Africa - city with lots of expats but where imported things will be expensive. DH is going in Feb to meet new colleagues and will have capacity in a suitcase to take somethings and leave them there until we get there. This means we'll have more things before waiting for our shipped stuff. Only thing is I can't think what clotheswise DS will need summer clothes here before we move and I have no idea what size rapidly growing DD will be, I suppose I could send some of my clothes but I will also need them! Toys will be missed in the intervening 5 months. I was thinking extra toiletries/stationary and towels and duvet covers/sheets. Any experienced people any better ideas? Thanks!

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