Any teachers move to rural NZ to get a foot in the door?

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FondantNancy Mon 16-Jan-17 19:08:03

We're thinking of moving to NZ. I'm a Kiwi, DH is British.

We've lived there together before (pre kids) and we both loved it. He's a teacher of almost ten years, with management experience, but we're thinking the more desirable areas like Wellington will be a) competitive for a new (to NZ) teacher and b) expensive to start up in initially.

So we're thinking maybe Northland, Southland, West Coast ... a rural school, perhaps one that finds it hard to get teachers?

I work remotely so can work anywhere. We've also lived in all sorts of odd places so we're not fazed about isolation or the nearest town being Gore or Greymouth! Kids are small and won't mind where we are.

Anyone done it - or know anyone who has? Just wondering how feasible it all is.

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