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Best UK formula to use which is similar to Asian and Oz brands

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Heatherbell1978 Tue 10-Jan-17 22:02:59

Looking likely DH and I will be moving to Bangkok when DD is 6 months, then onto Oz after around 6 months. I'm pregnant now with DD, due in February. Also have a 2 year old DS.

Planning to bf as I did with DS then switch to formula at around the 5/6 month mark. With DS he had bottles of my milk but I don't want to express this time so any night bottles will be formula from the outset.

DS had Aptamil but wondering what formula here in the UK is similar to brands available in Bangkok and Oz as I might as well start on this from the beginning?

LondonerinSingapore Thu 19-Jan-17 10:48:48

Aptamil has become available in Singapore recently so might also be in Thailand... I'm sure it would be in Oz as it's a New Zealand brand.
Otherwise my only advice to is to avoid any formula made in China or of dubious origins (ie you can't tell where it was made). I think most formulas are much of a muchness now due to tight regulations (comments about anything from China notwithstanding) so i'm sure you'll find something you're happy with...

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