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Anyone in Perth (WA) - need advice please

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oldnewmummy Wed 21-Feb-07 04:28:44

I'll be visiting Perth for a weekend on 9/3 with husband and two month old son. Currently in Singapore so baby is used to the tropics, but it's autumn there?

What will he need by way of warm clothes? I obviously want to buy as little as possible as he'll only be wearing them for that weekend. At the same time I don't want my little darling to freeze his tiny nuts off!

If he wears trousers, teeshirt, cardie, socks during the day is that likely to be enough? And if I add anorak & hat for evening?

Also, where can I buy a UV tent (I realise it might not be that hot there at the mo, but it'd be useful in Singapore, and I imagine easier to get in Oz.


sunnywong Wed 21-Feb-07 05:07:15

Woahhhhh there

it's hot
it will be at least 26 degrees

don't bother with all that palava, just bring one jumper and a shawl, he certainly won't need a hat to keep him warm, but he will need one for the sun

Get yourself to Target or Kmart of which Perth has in abundcance for the UV tent

oldnewmummy Wed 21-Feb-07 06:13:59

Thanks Sunny.

Paed said "don't forget to pack warm clothes" which alarmed me! Been there in summer and winter but not in between so wasn't sure.

Will pack sun hat, and slip, slap, slop etc.

Are restaurants generally quite child-friendly? Never been there with a child before so hadn't really noticed

Flumpleton Wed 21-Feb-07 11:18:55

Ooh while you are on the subject Sunny. I'll be moving for a year to Perth in June and will have to cram a years worth of clothing into 20kilo each. In your opinion what are the warmest things I'll need for kids (2 adn 4 yo)

sunnywong Wed 21-Feb-07 11:28:29

oh god yes they sure are child friendly

you can get your Norks out and BF all over the show if that's how you're feeding too.

and the next answer from the Perth Information Bureau is.....

A zip up gilet made of fleece, a pair of cords a bobble hat at a push and that's only if you're going out at dawn, and longs sleeve tshirts that's for boys
girls would not need tights, really unless they are big southern jessies, but pinafore dress and lightweight fleece. But really it never gets below 15 degrees in the day. HAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

cinnamontam Wed 21-Feb-07 11:45:34

Spoke to my Mum this morning and it's still pretty hot there at the moment. In fact was 39 today and will be 32 tomorrow. March is lovely weather and can be quite warm so I wouldn't worry about taking too many layers

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