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JayCatsby Sat 31-Dec-16 00:14:37

My partner and I are moving to Norway next autumn and I need some advice.

DS has SEN and I'm not sure how to go about enrolling him in school. He is currently in mainstream (Y2) but they have suggested he may need to transfer to SN school at some point.

I have moderately good knowledge of danish but I've never studied Norwegian. Where are my best chances of finding a job? Restaurants? Bars?

Finally, how much can we expect to be paying for a 3 bed apartment in outer Oslo? I'm confident we couldn't afford to live in the city!

JayCatsby Sat 31-Dec-16 08:09:35

Just giving this a little bump in the hope someone will see it!

EvaSthlm Sat 31-Dec-16 14:27:47

Congratulations! You can probably brush up and tweak your Danish by following the now immensely popular series Skam,

A lot of people go to Norway to work as assistant nurses, so I assume there's a demand if you have (or can acquire) that knowledge...

I saw a program about housing prices being excruciatingly high in Oslo, best way is perhaps to check this with a real estate agency.

Mendingfences Sun 01-Jan-17 14:51:45

Im not in Oslo but if you read danish you should be able to find your way round . The eiendom section will allow you you look at property to rent (leie) or for sale (salg). Schools opperate with catchments, once you know where you are living the kommune will place your son in the local school. I live rurally and our school is fully inclusive, and some kids have extra resources, usually diagnosis linked. Assuming your son speaks english he wont get 'Mother tongue teaching' as his teachers will be competent english speakers. All kids born in a chronological year are in the same class. 2010 birthdays are currently 1st class and will move into 2nd class in august. City schools are likely to have several parallel groups, rural schools often have composite classes. Primary school (barneskole) goes from 1st to 7th class. For children in 1st to 4th class there is before and afterschool club called aktivitetsskolen in Oslo and Sfo elsewhere .hth

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