Where would you go?

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warmandsunnyhome Tue 27-Dec-16 18:21:44

If you could live anywhere with a warm, sunny climate (a plus), good for families, good health care, education options, low crime rate etc etc, where would that be?

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lovelearning Tue 27-Dec-16 18:24:08


GiveMyHeadPeaceffs Tue 27-Dec-16 18:40:08

Yip, Australia or New Zealand (north island).

RayofFuckingSunshine Tue 27-Dec-16 18:42:01

If it has to fit that descriptor, New Zealand, without a doubt

CazP2013 Tue 27-Dec-16 18:55:35


ToDuk Tue 27-Dec-16 18:56:51


caffelatte100 Thu 05-Jan-17 21:43:31

Switzerland, Spain or Sweden?


Laptopwieldingharpy Sun 08-Jan-17 14:11:17

Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, USA.
I hear Costa Rica and panama are well rated too.
Arghhhh now I'm going to start obsessing about this again although I have made up my mind!
We are on the verge of a big move after 10 years in Asia and the wise thing to do is head back to Europe in the summer. We have never had the opportunity to overthink any of our moves in the last 20 years....
Is it just a rethorical question?

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