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Moving to Luxembourg

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poony Sat 17-Dec-16 17:31:08

We are moving to Luxembourg from London next month - does anyone have any advice?! DH has just got a new job at the Luxemburger Wort and DS and DD (9 and 6) will be going to ISL. We are speaking directly to a landlord on a house in Gasprich area, (is that a nice area?). None of us have any French/German! Aggghhhh! Any advice on doctors, dentists...? This is a big move for us and we don't really know the country. (apart from a 3 day visit). Any do's and don'ts?

Gfplux Tue 20-Dec-16 18:21:47

Gasperich is not a bad area. I have family who live there and they are very happy. It is well located to the Wort offices. Your DH will probably be able to walk to work. It is also great for the ISL.
Price is a good indicator of the type of area. As you probably know accomadation in Luxembourg is very expensive
Have you looked on it is easy to search.
English is spoken by many, many people. There is even an online version of the Wort.
My GP is Dutch but has perfect English. He is in the Kirchberg area not perfect for where you will be living. You can move Doctors easily so if you need a temporary recommendation- Doctor Ter Weer 00 352 425282.
There is a British ladies Club
If you need any other help just ask me.

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