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Why you all have to move to NZ...

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nearlyfourbob Sun 18-Feb-07 08:40:51

Because I just signed ds up to Midget soccer and it costs $10 for the whole season. 1 hour a week on a Friday afternoon.

I thought it was a misprint.

yawningmonster Sun 18-Feb-07 08:43:17

WOW sounds great wish everything was a pleasant suprise like that!

How is the rash by the way?

nearlyfourbob Sun 18-Feb-07 08:44:32

Down to about 50 spots to dab cream onto...

I believe quiet congratulations are in order?

yawningmonster Sun 18-Feb-07 08:50:16

Indeed am most mortified that people are asking as am only a few weeks gone!!! Or do you mean congratulations for getting the spots calmed down somewhat

nearlyfourbob Tue 20-Feb-07 00:14:48

It's only because you are a wee slip of a thing. It would only be bad if you weren't pregnant but had eaten a cheese pastie!

ghosty Tue 20-Feb-07 00:51:08

I keep telling them why they need to move to NZ nearly4bob ... but they just keep ignoring me ... [frustrated]
<<whispers>> Congratulations yawningmonster

twinsetandpearls Tue 20-Feb-07 00:55:40

dp desperatly wants to move to NZ, he feels he is in with more of a chance having taken advice and been told that I will get tecahing work easily out there.

nearlyfourbob Tue 20-Feb-07 00:55:41

My mum just told me to renew my GB passport before 2009 or I will have to go to the high commission for a twenty minute interview. I thought for a moment and said - well it's probably time to become a NZer then.

nearlyfourbob Tue 20-Feb-07 00:56:55

TSAP - they love British teachers here - you should deffo come. Remember to renew your passport first though

twinsetandpearls Tue 20-Feb-07 00:58:42

I am tempted, but I teach RE so am not convinced thatI would get work. I am currently trying to get expereince teaching other subjects so I can find it easier to get work if we move.

skiwear Tue 20-Feb-07 01:00:59

I think but please don't quote me that it is only first time applicants that need the interview unless it is different if applying from overseas

nearlyfourbob Tue 20-Feb-07 01:05:10

My mum said it was a short interview for renewals and a long interview for first time applicants - however as she is the harbinger of doom, I will check myself.

I know what you mean about the RE teaching. it would limit you to private or church schools, which tend to be too small to offer full time. I am a music teacher and won't be doing my PGCE equiv any time soon as each school could only offer me a couple of hours here and there and I am making quite a nice living as a private music teacher. it must be even worse being a teacher of foreign languages.

skiwear Tue 20-Feb-07 01:15:04

I'm probably wrong I was half asleep! Yeah can't imagine there's much call for a French teacher in NZ!

skiwear Tue 20-Feb-07 01:15:34

Sorry I'm kindof butting in to your teacher discussion

nearlyfourbob Tue 20-Feb-07 22:02:57

On the plus side, I'm happy to work part time, and happy to be self employed so it works for me.

twinsetandpearls Tue 20-Feb-07 22:14:15

part time would suit me actually.

nearlyfourbob Wed 21-Feb-07 00:00:43

I would imagine you could get part-time work as an RE teacher as long as you based yourself in a large enough town, or got the job before you moved.

twinsetandpearls Wed 21-Feb-07 22:02:01

I havebeen looking althgou somewhathalf hearadly as I love the school I am teaching at.

Would i not need to sort out my citizenship or residency first.

twinsetandpearls Wed 21-Feb-07 22:02:21

half heartedly

Heathcliffscathy Wed 21-Feb-07 22:05:59

we're tempted tbh. and apparently there is a shortage of psychotherapists over that right?

clairejo Wed 21-Feb-07 22:07:27

My dp got a job offer out there a few weeks back out of the blue and had to refuse it as we hadn't even put the house up for sale. so gutted.

welshmum Wed 21-Feb-07 22:14:05

hi kiwi ladies,
we're flying back today after a month with the rellies (about my 10th visit) BUT now i want to move here I think - bit of a breakthrough so hope you don't mind me badgering you on here about various bits and bobs over the next year or so while we sort everything out.
DH is a kiwi and his parents are desperate to get us over here. I had a really great visit this time around an just seeing the kids enjoying themselves in the space has done it for me......I think....

nearlyfourbob Thu 22-Feb-07 08:51:37

You need MrsJohnCusack - she moved recently to Christchurch. I've been here ages and so am biased.

You usually need residency to apply for jobs, but for teaching you may be able to go through an agency who get you the job and sort out visas etc.

I think all healthcare professionals are thin on the ground, because they all go overseas to pay off student loans in a currency that's worth something (and live with 15 other people in one room, which they wouldn't dream of doing here)

popsycal Thu 22-Feb-07 08:53:00

dh wants t move to NZ too...
and i am a british teacher.....
sounds like a great place

MrsDaveCusack Thu 22-Feb-07 09:01:13

hi welshmum - badger me all you like

I have Kiwi citizenship so it was quite easy to get DH (and DD - didn't formalise my citizenship until after she was born) in & classed as residents, however, it still took a good 4 months for the application to go through fully, with some fairly expensive medical gubbins to do before that. It wasn't very complicated to do though, just lots of forms etc. and lots of waiting as NZ House doesn't seem to employ enough people (however, it is still quicker to do it via NZ house in London rather than wait and do it here). Their residency wasn't completed when we moved here, but that wasn't a problem, they just came in on standard tourist 6 months visas and when residency was granted we sent the passports to London to get them stamped (sounds mad I know, but STILL quicker than taking them somewhere here - so probably is a good idea to get this sorted before you leave the UK).

if you have any questions ask away. the NZers on here are a helpful bunch. I am having a homesick wobble at the moment but then I am due to give birth tomorrow so I am not the sanest of people at the moment!

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