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Budapest - anyone live/lived there?

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budapestwithkids Mon 05-Dec-16 13:06:25

We have the opportunity to move here for DP's work. Although it won't be our first overseas adventure, it will be the first since we had our DDs to consider so I'm a little more cautious.

I've had some wonderful advice here in the past and hopefully given some (but namechanged today as this is all a secret for now) so hoping there's someone can help with info about living in Budapest as an English expat. Particularly what the international schools are like for lower primary aged DC (our choice of school should be included in the package).

Anyone out there? Thanks smile

budapestwithkids Mon 05-Dec-16 20:31:19

Bumping hopefully for the evening crowd.

budapestwithkids Tue 06-Dec-16 20:46:52

Last bump but losing hope, anyone even know anyone who's lived there? smile

Mackonadragos Fri 09-Dec-16 09:55:06

Hi there,

I'm Hungarian, do not live in Budapest, in fact have never lived there, but have a flat there, so visit the city every now and again.

I have looked up international school on the internet, as my children are in the UK and toying with the idea of moving home. There are plenty in the capital that follow the UK curriculum. And there are other international schools too, with, presumably different curriculum. They are, of course, all fee paying. I cannot comment on how good they are, no first hand experience of them.

There are alternative schools too, eg. Waldorf.

In Budapest you will have no problems, youngsters speak English, everything can be found in English.

The only big difference, if you are more adventurous, and want to send your children to local schools, that in Hungary the primary education starts when the child is over six years old (just like in most European countries), so two years later than in the UK. Kindergarten is for three years, between 3 and 6.

Hop it helped a little.

timetomoveon Sun 11-Dec-16 00:38:17

I lived there for 5 years. In fact my youngest was born there.
The two biggest schools are either the American school or the British school. It might depend on where you want to live as to which one you choose. The American school is outside of the city in Nagykovacsi whereas the British school is in district 3. For me it would depend on the age of your DDs and where you were going to live.
Budapest is great. We had a really great 5 years there - and tons of visitors as everyone else wants to come and visit too.

budapestwithkids Wed 14-Dec-16 21:21:18

Wow replies! Thanks so much, I had given up on this thread and only just checked back.

We would almost certainly stick to an international school as DDs have already been exposed to different languages of instruction so we would be reticent to throw yet another at them, especially one so notoriously challenging.

It's great to hear that you had such a positive time there timetomoveon. We too are hoping to attract plenty visitors. I think we would lean toward the British school, both from a curriculum point of view and also being closer to the city but would have to check that's feasible. Do you know anyone who had DC there? Are there any good expat/mums groups online or IRL you know of?

Thanks both for replying smile

travelmad Wed 14-Dec-16 21:28:18

Hope you don't mind me following but we are hoping to move to Budapest in the future. We are already in Budapest 3+ times a year for to visit friends and family (all Hungarian) and we love it so much there we would like to relocate completely (Brexit dependant). I can't help with schooling but we've found English is widely spoken anywhere in the city where you might find tourists so, although we speak some Hungarian, we've had no language issues so far.

CiderwithBuda Tue 10-Jan-17 13:35:21

I lived in Budapest for six years. Moved with a 3 year old who started nursery at the British School and we left at the end of year five.

We found the school very warm and welcoming and friendly. It's a bit different now as the senior school is in a separate building but they were all in one building. The senior school had some issues and lots of people left or sent D.C.'s to boarding school. I do however know people who kept their D.C.'s at BISB all the way through and they have done well.

The primary school was fine. Like all schools everywhere there were people unhappy with things but I think sometimes it's just different expectations.

We found it very friendly and sociable and it's still one of my favorite cities. And I still have many good friends from my time there.

The British Women's Group is friendly and sociable too.

@timetomoveon - when were you there? Might know you!

timetomoveon Tue 10-Jan-17 14:52:20

@ciderwithbuda We just left last summer so 2011-2016. My eldest went to the American school although he sometimes did cricket training at BISB.

CiderwithBuda Tue 10-Jan-17 15:14:09

Ah - we left in 2011!

Toastandjam16 Thu 12-Jan-17 10:51:24

Cheeky request that people who've lived in Budapest are probably best able to answer.. Does everything shut down Easter weekend, or will there be things open for visitors? Thanks in advance.

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