Job offer in Zurich

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beresh Thu 17-Nov-16 07:29:29

Public kindergarten in canton Zurich is now compulsory for 4 year olds who were 4 by the end of April, so your dd should go to a public/private kindergarten.
My dd started kg at 5 in zurich with no german after reception in the uk. Long term it has worked out well but it was not easy for her at first. in my opinion for 6 months it wouldn't be worth the stress and upheaval!
A friend's dd went to a bilingual nursery 3 days a week and that met the required hours for kindergarten.

theguiltymother1 Mon 14-Nov-16 12:59:35

Thank you, these are good tips. We should know more by the end of the day and what sort of accommodation might be included (seems to think it is). DD is 5 in January so I'm not sure if she would be able to get into Kindergarten or not but sounds like that would all depend where we base ourselves anyway!

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LIZS Mon 14-Nov-16 12:53:38

We enjoyed it over there, Ds was 3 and we stayed until he was 7 and Dd 3. Facilities for young families have developed over past years, soft play etc were only just appearing when we left. Lakeside swimming and play parks are popular in the summer but winter can be bitter and isolating, especially as yours won't really be of an age to ski. The international schools usually have toddler groups and there are likes of kindermusik and swimming classes in some areas.

Depending on her bday your Dd may be of age for public kindergarten (cut off is end April Iirc) but I don't think first year is compulsory - rules vary by canton/gemeinde. However standards are very different to UK and you are allocated the one local to your address. Children walk there and back unaccompanied.

Everything is massively expensive even by London standard. We were shocked on a recent visit. Don't expect to make a nest egg. Where to live depends on where dh will be working, whether you will have a car, your budget and what sort of community you'd prefer.

theguiltymother1 Mon 14-Nov-16 12:39:50

DH has been offered a contract in Zurich, it will be between 6-12 months (we will know this week) but I'm wondering:

a.) What's it like for a family (DCs are 1.5yr and almost 5yr)
b.) Where would be good to live?
c.) he is paid a contract rate so i think we would have to sort accommodation and schooling (TBC) but would I need to send DC1 to school there? She is not yet 5yrs but is in reception in the UK. She loves school but I am not sure if it would be necessary there and if so what sort of school (if any) would accept her for short period.

We realise Zurich is v expensive so need to work out if this is financially worth it, it is a v good lump some though so may still tempt us more as an adventure than a 'money maker'

Anyone have any experience?


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