Victoria school age start?

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canihaveacoffeeplease Wed 09-Nov-16 22:02:48

So I'm a little confused having read the govt website, I have a january baby, so would she start school in the january she turns 5 or the following year, or do we choose? I know she HAS to start by age 6, but I'm a bit confused by the whole '30th April age 5' thing on the govt website. We will be moving to regional Victoria (not melbourne- too expensive!)

She's not yet 2 and not looking to actually head to oz for a couple of years, only just got the application in now, but obviously want to start her fully in Australia at school at the right time, not miss her start, or start her here for a couple of months in August just to start again in jan/feb in oz? Thanks!

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Booksellerswar Wed 09-Nov-16 22:12:29

I believe either - my sister's dd was 5 in Dec and started the following Feb however her ds was 5 in Jan but she kept in kinder for another year and he started just after turning 6. I believe there is a lot more flexibility - many people keep their sons in kinder for another year. However you may need to pay for that second year of kinder if you delay until 6.

TerrorAustralis Thu 10-Nov-16 08:37:06

Bookseller is correct. Generally, as a January baby, she would start prep (the year before year one) the year she turns 5. However many parents seem to hold back for a year, especially boys.

(It's a strong trend, with no foundation in any educational research, just a desire for boys to not be the smallest or youngest in their class. Probably partly fuelled by the Australian focus on sports.)

By law she would need to be in school the year she turns 6. Whether that's in prep or year one is largely up to you.

BananaInPyjama Mon 14-Nov-16 01:42:27

your choice. Often kindergartens will recommend (assuming she goes to 4 yo kindy) but ultimately its down to you.

I know people whose child turned 5 in the Jan, they held off until 6 and 1 month, But also know people with children born in Feb and March who went to school aged 4 and 10 or 11 months. I can see little difference in their progress now they are all embedded in primary school.

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