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Any mums in Athens, Greece?

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mwro Sun 11-Feb-07 17:37:22

Please let me know!

Beetrootccio Sun 11-Feb-07 17:38:08

my brother and sil live in the mountains and come to Athens regularly. are you a greek or englishliving abroad?

mwro Sun 11-Feb-07 18:30:17

I'm English but married to a Greek

Beetrootccio Sun 11-Feb-07 18:31:55

my brother is the same. English and married to a Greek. They are up in hte mountains near Karpensi.

How do you like living in Greece? How long have you been there?

lurkylou Sun 11-Feb-07 18:33:50

have friends moving to Greece soon. Whereabouts in Athens are you - anywhere near Halandri?

PollyLogos Sun 11-Feb-07 18:44:45

Me!! Are you here in Athens mwro? I have been on mn for years and I'm still waiting for someone to have a meet up with!!!

mwro Sun 11-Feb-07 18:47:20

Beetrootccio, Karpenisi is quite a drive from Athens (about 3 hours I think). Not been but heard it's beautiful. I've been here 3 years. I do like it (the weather makes a difference) but some things here drive me up the wall! Have to get used to turning a blind eye to lots of things! How long has your family been here?

Lurkylou, yes, I'm in the northern suburbs so Halandri is not far away. Don't know it that well as an area.

I'm also keen to know if anyone knows about any classes or groups I could go to with my baby (e.g. baby massage classes).

PollyLogos Sun 11-Feb-07 19:08:59

This place should be close to you if you are in the northern suburbs.
neohumanist centre
I think quite a few foreign mums go there.

lurkylou Sun 11-Feb-07 19:12:58

The northern suburbs are FULL of foreigners!!

I have a friend who plays bridge 3 times a week etc that my other friends will love when they arrive!!

What do you have to turn a blind eye to????

Beetrootccio Mon 12-Feb-07 09:06:43

yes Karpenisis is miles away. and they live and hour further on. We go there regualrly. It is a wonderful place. My bother and his wife own a cafe there and are building a hotel. It is very remote, I for one, do not know how either of them survive there

Lisoula Mon 12-Feb-07 16:47:38

Hi, I am a Swedish mum living in Athens, in Thissio in the center. I have two kids, Theo 2 and Felicia 1. Would love to meet up with anyone who has kids and would like to speak English for a while.

mwro Tue 13-Feb-07 16:39:01

Thanks Pollylogos. I had a look at that website and am now going to a baby massage class on Friday! How old are your children?

nappyaddict Wed 11-Jul-07 16:24:57

can anyone tell me when the school summer holiday is in greece?

PollyLogos Sat 14-Jul-07 06:40:45

Just seen this nappy addict. The summer hols here are June 15th - september 10th (approx) it depends what days of the week the dates fall on. All in all though 3 months

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