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Relocation costs to negotiate with company

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Oatsinajar Mon 10-Oct-16 09:42:25


We are expecting an imminent move to Dubai from England. I understand DH needs to negotiate with the company about re-location costs and medical insurance cover etc. What is a reasonable amount to ask for when asking for re-location costs? Also, do you also ask for cover for costs when you decide to leave the job and move back to the UK?

If it is relevant, the company is UK based and has offices around the world.

ShanghaiDiva Mon 10-Oct-16 14:01:45

Actually, I disagree with negotiating - the company should have a policy in place which is applicable to all employees.
We have never negotiated on medical cover - if comprehensive cover isn't included we would not relocate. We live in China and our medical coverage is worldwide (excluding USA) and includes medical evacuation.
Relocation - policy should specify amount you can take in terms of cubic metres and how it is to be shipped e.g. - air freight/sea freight. We have also always has a cash sum too to purchase eg new electrical items/tv etc. I think last time it was about 8K sterling. When our contract ends the company will pay costs of shipping back to UK and another cash amount.

Oatsinajar Mon 10-Oct-16 14:40:03

Shanghai, thanks, that's helpful. We haven't had the details yet but will keep what you mentioned in mind.

InTheDessert Mon 17-Oct-16 04:42:54

Pretty much what Shanghai said.
We chose to take cash, and arrange shipping ourselves but the policy was very well documented as to what was possible. The only real negotiation would have been on salary and start date, as everything else was global, and standard.

MizzEmma Mon 17-Oct-16 04:52:16

There was no negotiation in our move either. The company has a standard, very detailed, package dependent on grade.

Medical cover is a must.

All our move costs were covered (within generous set parameters) plus a cash amount to cover other resettlement costs like having to buy new furniture, appliances etc.

We also get an annual allowance for flights home.

The company will cover all our move costs home, assuming we move at a time of mutually agreed benefit.

BradleyPooper Mon 17-Oct-16 05:15:47

We've never been able to negotiate either. Company policy is set and you can take it or leave it. If your dh's company has offices worldwide as you say, i imagine you will be in a similar position.

ifink Mon 17-Oct-16 06:00:44

No negotiation for us either although in the past DH knew that some people got 'sweeteners' like extra flights home thrown in but that was in the good old boom day.... these days most expat postings are seen as a lifestyle choice. We had one issue relocating from one country (not home) to another which was that the company would not pay to fly our kids out to do a 'look/see' - only DH and me. When we pointed out to DH's boss that we had no family to leave them with (as were weren't in our home country) he had that sorted out for us and they did pay for them to come.
Always worth checking in what circumstances they will pay for repatriation (ie. redundancy/dismissal etc) and when they won't (probably gross misconduct or resignation). If your DH resigns, check if there are pay back clauses for the relocation costs and how long they last for...

Zikreetdreaming Mon 17-Oct-16 06:41:40

ifink - paid looksees are becoming rarer as well. DH's old company used to pay people pay their own flights to come out to interview!

OP agree with the others. If it's a country with multiple overseas offices it should have a secondment policy that will cover all of this. Usually little or no room for negotiation unless your DH will be very senior. Some are great some are rubbish. Ours is pretty good, although it's noticeable that few secondees have school aged kids so I can't help but think cost of providing education under the policy is impacting on decisions on who to second!

In terms of move back to the UK, again it should be in the policy but this may well only cover you if you're moving back to the same company at the end of the secondment, so if you/DH find a copy elsewhere and want to move back you wouldn't be covered. If possible see if you can have relocation back to the UK covered at the end of contract, regardless for who you're working for (as you are unlikely to find the new UK employer will cover this).

pacificlass Mon 17-Oct-16 06:47:47

Also worth clarifying if medical insurance is for the whole family and whether you have an accommodation or schooling allowance

Oatsinajar Tue 18-Oct-16 15:42:24

Thank you, all very useful smile

Oatsinajar Thu 20-Oct-16 11:43:37

Hi again, did any of you get relocation costs covered when your DP was joining a new company but a job that was abroad?

InTheDessert Thu 20-Oct-16 13:17:10

Yes. DH accepted a new job abroad, with a compleatly new company.
We could have had removal costs paid, but chose to take cash in lieu and airfreight much less stuff out self (offer was mixture of air and sea).

Oatsinajar Thu 20-Oct-16 13:56:46

InTheDessert, thank you.

Has anyone had contribution to rent paid by company? Where we are planning to move the rent is extrortionate! Also state schools are not free for foreigners.

JoandMax Thu 20-Oct-16 13:59:37

Yes we are just about to move from Dubai to another GCC and all relocation costs are covered, including our cars.

In terms of Dubai definitely get housing and schooling negotiated into your package as they are ££££ here!!!

JoandMax Thu 20-Oct-16 14:00:20

And also medical for the whole family

InTheDessert Thu 20-Oct-16 14:32:56

OK. We got (middle East, not UAE)
Allowance to set our house up for rental or sell
Allowance for selling cars at a loss
Set up allowance for new house
Initial flights out/visas /medicals etc
Probably some other stuff I've forgotten

And now we're here, we get
Housing(enough to get 4 of us a 3 bed house on a mid leval compound, we can upgrade if we want at our cost)
Medical (not dental)
4* flexible business flights and 2 weeks hotel in UK - tho this is cash, as so long as we are out for 14+ days every year, they don't care. We buy less flexible flights, with DHs bought seperatly if work turn round as tell I'm to delay be a week, I'll come on my own with the kids, and we will repay for his flights.
Schooling from 4+. Enough to cover not schools in the area. I'm aware of one school which we would need to top up. We don't get uniform/transport/books refunded.
Those that need a car for work(rather than to get to work) get a company branded car.

Most people I know get salary, and then housing and schools allowances. I think Dubai is similar.

Oatsinajar Thu 20-Oct-16 15:25:35

Thank you to you both, that's really helpful. Let's see what they say now.

JoandMax may I ask how you found Dubai? And also how much you spent per month? I can't seem to get an accurate figure on living expenses. We want a 2/3 bed flat with 1 child at school

Zikreetdreaming Thu 20-Oct-16 18:39:54

Inthedessert is on a very good benefit package grin - I wouldn't expect that much help.

Most industries pay salary plus benefits (which may or may not need to be topped up). I'd say it's more normal than not to have to top up school fees.

My industry just pays basic. Good basic but it makes inhouse jobs look very attractive once you have a few kids! Our secondees get benefits though (but usually combined with a lower basic).

The question on the 2/3 bed flat is where do you want that flat? Prices vary massively in Dubai. Dubai's cheaper than AD though, the main issue with Dubai is that there's a lot to spend your money on and it's hard not to get caught up in it all.

I can't actually help on rental prices in Dubai, (I live in small town UAE) but I wouldn't want to have less than about AED 120k in housing, even for a flat.

InTheDessert Thu 20-Oct-16 19:00:35

Possibly because we live in a dump, and they need to pursuade us no alcohol is worth it!!!

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