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NOR Perth - guidance please

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ohsobusyx3 Thu 06-Oct-16 02:13:19

Myself and my 3 children are moving to Perth in December.

We moved to Singapore for hubbys job from the UK in July. Singapore though fun is not what we want for the children. It has been one thing after another - schools issues, health care, housing - and the opportunity for us to reassess our situation has arisen.

We already have PR visas which expire in 2018 so we need to head down under soon anyway - Singapore was going to be our Asian adventure for a couple of years but the novelty has well and truly worn off!

We have chosen Perth because it will allow hubby to travel down regularly, the flight time being only 5 hours and no time difference. Hopefully this will be a short term solution 8-12months. It does also allow us a lifestyle similar to where we lived and what we had in the UK but in a bigger place with better weather. That said I do know it is not perfect and that everything is subjective.

I lived in Perth in 2002 for 6 months but the Perth of then is not what it is now - much didn't exist then!

I am looking at living slightly north around Hillarys/Ocean Reef.
We need a good primary school, a sense of community, close proximity to all amenities such as medical care, shopping, the beach, sporting facilities - driveable is fine.

If anyone on here can provide me with current feedback +/- on my search that would be brilliant. I know it will be tough. Constructive feedback will help guide me.

Thank you.

shellybr Thu 06-Oct-16 04:45:43

We are in Hillarys and have been here for the last 5 years. Kids go to the local school and they will go to Duncraig High school which is great. We love it here, between the beach, the boat harbour and the parks there is heaps to do. We have lots of shopping options and only 20 min drive from the CBD. The only downside for us is the price of houses.

CakeRattleandRoll Thu 06-Oct-16 15:30:15

I was born and grew up NOR Perth, spent 15 years travelling, including 10 in UK, and have been home since 2005, back NOR again. Where you choose to live will obviously depend on your budget, although Perth house prices have become a little more reasonable in the past couple of years. You can get a good idea of house prices from sites like

Hillarys is very nice, but can be pricey. There are a lot of UK expats living in that area, if that is a consideration for you. It is definitely longer than 20 mins to get into CBD in rush hour, although I'm guessing you're not planning on doing that very often.

Duncraig is also very nice, as is Carine, and Carine high school has a good reputation. If you can afford it, Wembley Downs or Floreat are lovely 'old' suburbs - very leafy, lots of parks, close to facilities like Perry Lakes, Bold Park or Challenge Stadium, and near some great schools, like Churchlands senior high, Hale, Newman, etc. Another one worth looking at is Woodlands - Jacadder Lake is really lovely.

Although to be honest, anywhere NOR up to Joondalup and west of the Mitchell Freeway meet your criteria, including being close to the beach. Although I'm less sure about the 'sense of community' bit - I think that can be quite hard for any suburb of a big city to achieve, at least compared to a small rural town/village. You may find that comes down to your actual street, or those nearby.

Feel free to PM me if you want any more info!

Ohthepressure Sun 09-Oct-16 06:46:39

I'd say Hillarys / Duncraig is as far north as you want to come as schools get considerably less attractive north of there. Ocean Reef is ok, but the houses are largely old fashioned (ie 1970s build). Community feel is difficult, in my opinion, I've not found much of that, but the weather and facilities for (youngish) kids are good.

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