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Moving to Sydney in November!

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Celina74 Mon 03-Oct-16 06:58:55

We were planning to emigrate to Brisbane, however hubs got a job in Sydney. And they wanted him to start quite quickly - so we're off in 7 weeks! Eek.
I have my own biz as a wedding make-up artist here, but I'll not be working (for a while anyway) in Sydney.
We arrive towards the end of November (got a holiday let in Cammeray) and will be researching areas & schools but I'm very mindful that I won't have any friends to chat with 😬 - and neither will my 4 & 7 year old girls.
So it would be amazing to know some mummies with similar aged children out there to meet up for play dates (& possibly a glass a vino without the kiddies!!).
Look forward to making some new friends!
Celina X

Archduke Wed 05-Oct-16 02:04:18

Hi Celina

I'm bumping this for you - congratulations on your dh's job, how exciting. I can't comment on Sydney as am in another state but I that when we arrived in Oz, I joined every group going with the kids and got really involved with playgroup etc this reasonably quickly led to making friends.

I assume your eldest will be in school - I would suggest joining the P&F as that's a great way to find local mums.

Good luck.

catgee Wed 05-Oct-16 03:48:29

Hi Celina

We've been living in Sydney (Northern Beaches)for 4.5 years now and love it.

I'm currently pregnant with our first bub (due in December) so can't help on the kiddies front but I'm always happy to chat/meet up (I miss wine!!) if you need a friendly face.

Good luck with the move. We used a few expat forums to arrange meet ups with people when we first came over and found plenty of people to chat/grab a drink with who had similar experiences.

Cat x

NightCzar Wed 05-Oct-16 03:57:42

Hi. I'm also on the northern beaches in Sydney and happy to help with advice etc. we are about 15 mins drive from you. My kids are both at school but happy to meet one weekend if you'd like.

Cammeray (despite autocorrect hating the word, grr) is a great area. V handy for the city, leafy and lots of young families. I hear Cammeray Public is a great school too, if you like it there.

There are a couple of local FB groups you might like:
British and Irish Mums and Dads North Shore Sydney
North Shore Mums
Northern Beaches Mums
Northern Beaches Poms
UK and Irish Mums living in Sydney - Eastern Suburbs
(The last one in case you cross over to Bondi/Bronte/Coogee etc)

Be prepared for everything to feel really expensive, especially with the pound tanking as it is. But it's the best city to live with kids IMO and you'll be here in time for summer. Woo hoo.

Celina74 Wed 05-Oct-16 19:06:02

Thanks ladies, that's great. Good to know about the Facebook groups, very helpful. X

MrsBlythe Sun 09-Oct-16 08:01:56

I used to live in Cammeray! The school is big (800 kids) which was different to back home, but it's a great school and my kids were really happy there. The size also means lots of opportunities - 3 orchestras, plenty choirs, dance groups, lots of sports options. The are also really big on public speaking which has made my kids so much more confident.

Cammeray has a nice villagey feel, lots of parks and playgrounds, near enough to beaches and 10 minute commute into cbd. I enjoyed living there, but the houses aren't that big and it's expensive.

All websites mentioned are good, the playgrounds full of friendly parents and kids. The library on Miller street has stuff going on for kids. I would also go up to Cammeray square of a Friday night - plenty of families eating outside while the children run around and play. I found it easy to make friends as did the kids. Enjoy!

Paperplain Mon 10-Oct-16 09:38:55

We are in the eastern suburbs and love it! Close the shops, beaches and CBD. Is expensive though. Email me if you want to know more. Happy to meet up when you get here and show you our area!!

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