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Potential move to Cayman Islands

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vallinnapod Wed 28-Sep-16 22:10:38

DH has a good opportunity. My Dad works there on and off so we have visited lots, like the expat life style (as viewed through tourist's eyes!) etc so don't feel like we would be moving 'blind'.


2 years ago we'd have jumped at the chance but DS (5) is now at school - Y1 but 31 Aug birthday so could be 'put back' a year depending on school. International schools massively over subscribed (by 80 places according to the admissions lady!!) We'd likely stay for 3-4 years which would mean DD starting school out there too but also moving back when DS would be applying to senior schools (currently in a private prep, likely to stay private)

Just torn about what to do for the best. The lifestyle would be lovely. It doesn't help I am heavily pregnant so would likely move with a newborn too (pretty laid back about that part!)

Just looking for any advice really.


Laptopwieldingharpy Thu 29-Sep-16 05:37:09

That is a decision only you can make for your family.
That said, expat kids the world over in such postings are prepped to be shipped home to boarding schools and I'm sure there are tutors in the cayman islands with experience in this when the time comes.

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