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Doha school recommendations

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JoandMax Tue 27-Sep-16 12:10:04

Looking at a move to Doha in next few months, have 2 DC in year 2 and year 4.

Please can you tell me best British Curriculum schools and what areas to live close by are?


habibihabibi Tue 27-Sep-16 18:54:33

The three most established and well regarded are DESS , a British primary in Madinat Khalifa,
Doha College in Al Waab ( primary and secondary ) and West Bay ( primary ), and
DBS is in Ain Khalid ( primary and secondary ).

There are others , Sherborne , Parkhouse , Newton British , Phoenix , Loydence , Gems Wellington and the very new , Kings .

The downturn has meant there is much more movement in the schools and the once elusive places open up more frequently .

Sit the entrance tests for the top three ( I think you can apply for all online ) and get on the wait lists as soon as you can .

JoandMax Wed 28-Sep-16 10:38:43

Thanks habibi, will register soon - have heard traffic is a mare in Doha so want to get school sorted before thinking of villas as will want to be close

habibihabibi Wed 28-Sep-16 19:48:17

If I was too do it again , I would rent a week by week serviced apartment until I found my feet .

JoandMax Thu 29-Sep-16 04:19:29

My husband will probably go over before us so I'll send him some routes to try out! I'll go with the kids a few times too, we're in UAE so less than an hour flight

Zikreetdreaming Thu 29-Sep-16 20:16:22

I understand DC is still full for primary (but no harm on getting onto the waitlist).

There's also RGS (which I assume is British). Kings and RGS are unknown. I would put Sherborne in the top list (if you're going to have DBS there, although it is much more expensive than DBS). GEMS Wellington is new in Doha but obviously does have a very good rep in Dubai. I think Kings isn't the same Kings as in Dubai. DBS has a Wakra branch as well but the reputation isn't as good (mainly because of numbers of ESL). Parkhouse has new ownership and may improve as a result.

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