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Oz 189 visa - I'm nearly 50, is it too late?

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pipppopin Thu 15-Sep-16 05:51:02

I a UK expat thinking of relocating to Oz after many years living in Europe. Brexit has made me think about this change long & hard. A wonderful Australian godfather will leave my DC a couple of properties in Sydney & Canberra in his will. So, long term we will be in a comfortable situation in OZ. I have started looking into the visa requirements. I turn 49 this year which seems to be getting on a bit for a skilled independent visa... Should I rush this through before I turn 50? After 50 will I be considered too ancient??shock

Archduke Thu 15-Sep-16 05:54:31

You might find this site useful Pipppopin

Aus Government visa info

How lovely to have such a generous Aussie Godfather!

Glastokitty Thu 15-Sep-16 06:06:17

Run, dont walk, to an immigration advisor who will be able to advise on your best options. There are so many visas for Oz, and its so easy to go wrong (I'm in Oz and have seen lives ruined over it). You dont have to get them to do the full visa package if its straightforward, but at least they can guide you in the right direction. Get a good one, I hear good things about Go Matilda, but poms in ox will steer you right.

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